Our Time Is Now!!!

How can the youth make outstanding contributions to public health?

What can young people do to improve the health of their community?

What role does the recognition of human dignity play in forming sound public health decisions?

Where can young people excercise their potential to make a Better health and Better world?

Why should we get involved in public health and world issues….”We all are neither doctors nor scientists”? “We are powerless” “We have no idea where to start from’

Dear, Youth, If you want to make an outstanding contribution nationally and internationally, Welcome Aboard!


2 thoughts on “Our Time Is Now!!!

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  1. That’s quite an honest message. At times we really have no idea where to start from. It may even seem ridiculous to start when the problem runs far too deep to be solved in one lifetime or by one generation. But it’s amazing how those who care to even start tend to find others with the same concerns and together they inject an enthusiasm in coming generations so that little by little, something is done and the problem becomes more and more conquerable.

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