Millennium Candle Campaign Latest News August 2010


Greetings to all you friends in solidarity,
Iam writing to you this because we share a common goal of joining together our voices in making the
world leaders aware of the MDGs set to be expire 2015. There are two important summits coming up in
this year, Global Summit MDG-Local Development in September Kampala, Uganda and MDG SummitNew
York October. Iam letting you know that through our head office in Pakistan and Uganda, we have
applied to participate in either summits. Fingers crossed, if we are chosen, then some or all of you will
be participants 
By this, Iam letting you know that the campaign is officiary in Uganda and you are free to abide,
implement and embrace this campaign. I will send you official communication on your respective
positions as per your CVs. Remember to recommend me some zealous youths that you fill are worthy
joining this campaign.

Best wishes,
Brian Mwebaze Kanaahe

• In September 2000, at United Nations Millennium Summit
189 world leaders gathered to sign the Millennium Declaration and agreed upon achieving 8 goals.
• Termed as the ‘Millennium Development Goals’ they are meant to be achieved by the year

. Eradication of Extreme Poverty and Hunger
2. Achievement of Universal Primary Education
3. Promotion of Gender Equality and Women Empowerment
4. Reduction in Child Mortality Rate
5. Improvement in Maternal Health-care
6. Continued fight against HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other Diseases
7. Assurance of Environmental Sustainability
8. Realization of a Global Partnership for Development
Millennium Candle Campaign: A Brief Overview!
Based on the UN MDGs Report, 2009 and our research, after a strenuous 18 months since Oct
2008, Anwar Jannat Memorial Foundation (Lahore) Pakistan has broken new grounds and
successfully launched the ‘Millennium Candle Campaign’, an exclusive and one of a kind project
aimed to create mass awareness in support of the UN Millennium Development Goals, 2015.
• We have discovered a unique way of reaching out to the world and thus achieve maximum outreach
in the minimum possible time.

This Campaign Strives to Light up ‘FOUR’ Candles:
1. Virtual Candle: at the website
2. Actual Candle: in the candle-lit awareness seminars
3. Spiritual & Intellectual Candle: of hope, peace, equality and love in the heart, mind, and soul of
people across the globe
4. Metaphorical/Symbolic Candle: of a world that is lit with peace, prosperity, justice and equality
– a world far more equal than it is now.
Roles and Responsibilities of MCC Regional Representatives (MCCRR)
• MCCRR will use the Logo of our campaign as his/her profile picture on Face-book.
• Encourage his/her close friends and colleagues to use this Logo as their profile pictures on Facebook.
• Through Tell-a-Friend option on the campaign website, invite their friends to join this campaign
by lighting up Candles on the website
• Contribute to our facebook Uganda group Invite, Recommend the page
for our friends in Uganda to use it.
• Every day, MCCRR can and must find 5-10 minutes to light 5-10 Candles on this website so that
their friends are inspired to act accordingly.
• From their professional/social circle, he/she can nominate/recommend at least TWO persons as
district representatives .
• Involve colleagues, friends, family members and the volunteer members of their organizations in
this campaign.
• MCCRR will make arrangements for live candle-lit seminars/workshops about this campaign
especially when your organization or institution has conferences and seminars.
• Always, make it a point to talk about Millennium Candle Campaign when they are at any public
gathering or have an opportunity to speak to a larger gathering.
• Building useful links and alliances world-wide is of paramount importance and they can explore
& establish enduring partnerships in their home country/community.
• Collect, take photos and reports from his/her region with the help of district representatives
and forward them to the country ambassador.

Privileges of MCCRR
Networking with like-minded and inspirational people within and outside Uganda.
 Represent their respective regions in study camps, get-together retreats, workshops, national
and international forums concerning millennium development goals.
 Depending on work efficiency, MCCRR has a chance to be certified by Anwar Memorial
Foundation-Pakistan as a “Shadow Ambassador”

Projected Outcome by Sep,2015:
Based on the statistical progress clearly stated above, we sincerely believe that by the end of our project
in September, 2015:
• At least 20 Shadow Ambassadors would have been successfully appointed in Uganda
• 1000 Live Candle-lit functions would have taken place
• 10,000 Live Candles would have been lit during the Live functions
• 200,000 Virtual Candles would have been lit on MCC’s official website
• Face-book group page in Uganda would have been used with fan base of 10,000 minimum
• At least 4 Million people with 80% youth would have become directly engaged in the campaign



10th-14th August 2010 Introducing the Millennium Candle Campaign in Nairobi-Kenya with World Youth Alliance Africa. MCCA Uganda
Up to August 13th 2010 Selection and appointment of Millennium Candle Campaign Regional Representatives ( 4 MCCRR)Selection and appointment of Millennium Candle Campaign District Representatives ( 52 MCCDR)   MCCA Uganda  with consultation from Head officeMCCA Uganda with consultation with MCCRR  
16th August-31st December 2010 Organizing  candle-lit seminars, presentations, discussions to government and private sector. Successful candidates will be expected to make a minimum of 1 candle lit session every month J so there is no big pressure. MCCRR and MCCDR
October 29th– 31st Millennium Candle Campaign Get-Together  ConferenceAll of you will be invited to visit, tour, evaluate the campaign and have fun at our country office in Mbarara J So watch out for this date. More details coming up!   MCCA Uganda

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