Millennium Candle Campaign Conference-Mbarara Uganda :)

The girls doing their thing 🙂
Dance4Life International Teaching Some participants the “Rap & Freestyle HIV Song”
Time To Talk Facts
Candle Campaign Conference Mbarara Uganda

Millennium Candle Campaign Uganda Regional Representatives and District representatives were in town of Mbarara for a conference from 27th– 29th August 2010 at West Land Hotel Mbarara organized by Millennium Candle Campaign Country Ambassador Brian with adorable support from the regional representatives.

The main objectives of the conference were to provide a detailed insight into the whole campaign structure, empower campaign representatives on how they can embrace it into their respective districts and organisations,and laying out a strategy of implementing this campaign.

The conference was attended by Regional Representatives of Central and Western Uganda with the Northern & Eastern group missing out due to unavoidable circumstances. The conference was also blessed with the attendance of 2 vibrant youth council leaders from Dance4Life International.Motivational speakers were from Elizabeth Glaser Paediatric HIV/AIDS Foundation & Mbarara University of Science & Technology, Uganda Red Cross Society, <apologies from Equity Bank representative but they sent a copy of their presentation> and these provided participants with an Update on the Millennium Development Goals descriptive and analytic.

Participants had chance to make networks and share what their respective organisations do in relation to Millennium Development Goals. Individual work plans on embracing the Millennium Candle Campaign were laid down with their respective follow up agenda.

Special days of this quarter were confirmed with 29th October 2010 set to be a get-together-conference for all individuals, organisations, Local government and private sector working in this campaign. Venue yet to be confirmed. Participants were also briefed by Brian-Millennium Candle Campaign Ambassador on the networking link to register and undertake a very much needed online free training deadline 5th September offered by World Youth Alliance considering the fact that he is working together with Regional Office in Nairobi-Kenya to have a World Youth Alliance Chapter in Uganda again . It was also resolved that all monthly campaign reports were to be sent to MCCCA (Millennium Candle Campaign Country Ambassador) through the MCCRR(Millennium Candle Campaign Regional Representatives) by MCCDR(Millennium Candle Campaign District Representatives)

Heeeheeeee and we can not forget to admire the damn good time participants had in Mbarara. They were treated with an executive tantalizing nonstop musical class- of- touch from Vision Discotheque culminating into the closure of the conference with participants leaving the next day.

NB..More photos comming up next on our facebook group page!/group.php?gid=299357941823&v=wall&ref=ts

Thanks to you guys for managing to show up for the conference including our partnering organisations of Uganda Red Cross Youth, Dance4Life, MUST, EGPAF, Equity Bank. It shows your dedication, zeal, zap as youths on a mission. Looking forward to seeing you all back soon this october 🙂

Brian Kanaahe Mwebaze-Millennium Candle Campaign Country Ambassador


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