The Macarena Dance? lol

I have always seen and admired this Macarena dance and bloody hell, I gat one choice and one choice only! Learning it!Whereas It is true that I have witnessed the monnwalk, and Dance4Life’s Free style HIV Dance, I need to learn this one too! I cant just sit on my arse and just look on!

The last time I was at a party in Danmark, my friends pulled this stroke and I kinda felt just jealous because it looked so cool! In fact, I gat try it out everytime Iam done with lectures.. :)I strongly fact I respect everything and thats what we can do best, youths that have talent in sending information and messages through edutainment! :D. Personally, I may not be good about that..but you…I love it! Wait…nope..I will talk about that later..

Speaking of that, Iam yet to receive news of whether some Ugandan Youths will do a collaboration Song with their counter parts in Columbia about an HIV/AIDS awarenes rap free style song!And dont forget, Impossible Is Nothing With Control! :)And, We Rock! In fact, We have always ROCKED..lmao

Take absolute care of yourselves..unitl then…Iam & will always be a happy off now..enjoy the song..if your mum asks you why you are dancing, just say..its Brian’s problem…just like Eve blamed the snake in the famous bible story of creation!

Brian Kanaahe M Bilal 😛

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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