Its October & Still ‘On-Schedule’ ? :D

Ahhhhhaaa! I know very well that each one of us has no problem picking a glass of milk (sorry not beer! lol), sitting crosslegged in your arm chair, turning on the TV and watching the ‘Simpsons’ or catching up on your favourite movie..reading an inspiration book…whatever you wanna do…Cool, you deserve it because this is a new month! OCTOBER 😛

Does that call for Champagne yet? heeeheee 😀 >_<…Personally, I have to wait a minute! But why??? 😦 The thing is..hmmmm…actually the fact, so let me say it out, the factual fac of the fact is that MY EYE IS ON MY WATCH! Back in January, my brain hard disk wasnt expecting the kind of pressure-to impress professors iam on right now! If only..and let me repeat this, IF ONLY this friend who apparently wanted to meet with me with no appointment knew about it, then god would be written backwards as "dog" and this is not blasphemy!

Damn..Impressing these professors with being in class at the right time, yet they also come 30 minutes late at their best..and they throw very pompous assignments and by the time you know it, you have this aura of tests knocking your legs down… 😦 😥 This reminds me of my A'Level where apparently and for the record, I was sleeping for maximum 3 hours!

I give respect to the fact that this is a Masters degree study and most importantly in a very wide and diverse field…mentionless multidynamic, PUBLIC HEALTH..oh yeah..and I have to do all this in the next 8 months, and graduate with a super class jut like I promised my parents!????

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzz, a whooping 8 months and I have 2 months to start exams for the end of the first semester OMG o:-) I need maximum support otherwise, I may be start getting confused like one my …..(am not gonna write that for ethical purposes). And worst of all, I dont wanna be (or even look) confused at 24!

October! hahhaaaaaaaaaaha!!! And then comes a smart kid (aged around 32) and this kid wants me to join its GNLD marketing group and bloody hell, he/she has no idea that I gat no brains and abilities to convince any one over anything! My brain has always and will always focus on facts! Wait..then…some one wants me to be his campaign manager yet I know very well that he gat neither the brains nor the magic (and am serious!)…so far so good!!! lmao!

What drives me anyway!? 😦 When I look at my watch and calender, something reverbates in my small ears and says…'Brian, you made this choice 5 years ago..and you are not quiting yet…not yet'. Is my life still on track to achieve what I had wanted…? Do I need something to tip or catalyse my life? Does the Malcolm Gladwells "LAW OF THE FEW' & 'POWER OF CONTEXT' apply to me!

No doubt about that…but there is one thing that I will tell you…and you will listen!Impossible Is Nothing With Control! Many people have what I prefer calling 'polio-infested excuses', they are so pessimistic and are soooooooo paranoid that one time, they make you destined for negativism! Sometimes, you think of quiting! My star striker, for those of you that support football…but even when you havent, Surely you have heard of THIERRY HENRY? He holds that 'Loosers Quit' 'Winners Try and never fail to try'….well, its october and soon its gonna be christmas 😛

Bottom line is…keep your eye on the ball…dont loose sight of what you wanna achieve..and I can promise you that that is what Iam doing…..those of you planning to marry and get married this year…I apologise in advance, please dont send me any card lmao..because I wont make it! too damn busy..but will be ready to attend any of your cool parties around september 2011 just in case you decide to hold one after successfully divorcing! :)…I was in a break writting this…and now the break has come to a premature end….wooooo …arggg…call it a still-birth!..I gotta go…Take absolute care…and remember RIP-H (RESPECT, INTEGRITY, PASSION & HOPE) ❤

Brian Kanaahe Mwebaze….is just not confused yet!…not yet!


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