Face book at IHSU-The Wise Idiot’s Verdict

Setting a New Trend In Public Health Education

Behind the slums and kinky roads characterised by natural geographical landforms called potholes of Namuwongo in Kampala lies the hidden treasure! International Hospital Kampala Rocks and has sent a new trend in health care in Uganda..well am not campaigning for it..but thats true! On its third floor lies what I will call the first real school of health in Uganda…just connect to wwww.ihsu.ac.ug . But there is one thing and one thing only am not happy with this outstanding compass of public health professionals 😦 And Ian Clarke needs to do something 😛

Alright, Iam now deadly sure that my laptop doesn’t have a network mal function neither could it be the same for all the computers at IHSU! The naked truth is that the world’s biggest and the fastest growing social networking site (forget twitter) Face book was disabled on our intranet!  IHSU is a school of health-well, at least according to what I have found out so far…students of nursing and those from the prestigious institute of health policy and management including myself!     😉 😀 😛

Now, the principles of social marketing of health promotion take into account what Malcolm Gladwell (2000) in his must-read book ‘The Tipping Point’ calls Connectors, Salesmen and Mavens! *Thanks to Dr Wooding-I read and finished that damn good book!* He correctly explains that Connectors are the kinds of people who know everyone and possess special gifts for bringing the world together:-needless to mention, face book is one outstanding field where this can be realized! Did I not know of IHSU through face book! Connectors are defined by having many acquaintances, a sign of social power whereas mavens have knowledge and information on a lot of different products or prices or places or public health ideas. Salesmen are the select group of people with the skills to persuade the world when we are unconvinced of what we are hearing (relate this to the health field concept factor of healthy public policies). Won’t social networking sites market our university too? Hmmmm!

Believe it or not, and I bet you must believe it…all graduands of IHSU must be connectors, mavens and sales men if the mission of this university is to be achieved! We all know that we are destined for bringing the change we need and believe in to the fields we are going into after this level. Surely, we won’t be the kind of professionals you will tell to stand upside down in a corner on our heads and we do it! This is because we through using social networking sites are informed of the national + international cultural diversity of organizational pentagon of the links between policy makers, academic institutions, health managers, NGOs and the community! Bottom line, the banning of social networking sites is another setback to modeling of public health professionals! Did I say I was kidding? No Iam NOT!

Until next week, Take Care, Respect-Integrity-Passion & Hope 🙂
‘The Wise Idiot’


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