And Here Comes November-The Month Of Sowing;)

Alright…salutations to you…hope you had a damn good, adventurous and profitable weekend…you dont wanna know what I did on the weekend 😉 Me and some one (I will tell you who it was…) developed and stated a new law…the 6th November Rule! Hahahahhahahahhhhaaha :d A very outstanding rule! The rule states that ‘every time we meet, we shall always joke about it because it was special’ Now, dont increase your appetite over what it was.. 😉 I assure you, you will soon know!

ahhhaahaha…this is my first blog activity of this month..I have been kiinda busy…eish! :/ I dont like this excuse..but…well..yeah 😀 Kinda busy you know…first holding and attending to a Red Cross Youth Workshop in Entebbe…by the way…Gritte and Titte…velkommen in Uganda 😉 …The new Youth Leaders…salutations to you..and I wish you the very success a cock can wish for a female chic to mature fast 😛 and I look forward to face-talk and interact soon 🙂

And then, I have to read too, you know I have to deliver my promise to my family…and then…oh…yeah…impress these professors! ahhhh!!! Also, I have a new task of making sure world Youth Alliance ( enters Uganda with a bang…and then my articles at my University…seem to be getting some attention..thanks to you guys who managed a wink and thumbs up to me 🙂 I hope something will be done positively!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, here is the point!!! November is here…those contesting for various positions in the rock..:D…those who wanna be guild presidents..good luck..and those vying to join University…good luck in your Bro..Bruce Kanaahe..I wish u success..and you know you have one option…to pass! And let me say success to myself…considering that my first senior exam jets in around 5th December!!…


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