Lessons Appreciated From 1st African Youth Summit On Sanitation & Water


So, I were attending this summit in Nairobi Kenya-specifically Multimedia University..In attendance were wise delegates from 8 Countries (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, S.Africa, Benin, Zambia, DRC )UNEP, UN Habitat, ANEW and ofcourse International Youth & Water Movement. Delegates also came from different NGOs and INGOs 🙂

Universities, Institutions & Organizations Need To Spice Up The Food 😀This is why International Universities, Colleges, NGOs and Institutions in Africa were applauded by Kenyan Minister in charge of youth affairs (rep.) for having managed to be represented! He challenged the rest to support youth work thereby shaping up their graduates for international mileu!..And they had better do so when we still have some time

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Need to be postponed!Despite a hell of declarations made wrt saniation and water, the eThekwini declaration, Abuja declaration, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Rio…eish..to mention but afew:- All MDGs are all interconnected and relate to Water and Sanitation..as Bai Ki Moon knew it clearly. From the current stats, we should be thinking of baptizing the MDGs another name!

Youths need to be in the heart of the midfieldAt the conference, the 52 year old GTZ African Director stated ‘Without a doubt, youths make a difference’. This is a nice statement..but shall I please see more youths getting involved and being enabled to take control of sanitation and water issues in their communities? Youths MUST work with older people if we are to have a positive gradient in the flow of global issues. We can never underestimate what YOUTH SOLIDARITY can do! Just remembering Walesa’s Move 😀

Policy makers will make it priority only if made to feel it’s a priorityWhen you read Gill Walt’s “Health Policy’, undoubtedly, the process of making a healthy public policy involves the power of policy makers being made aware of the existing the problem. Bottom line, in solidarity, African youths made a declaration on water and sanitation…and fingers crossed, African Ministers had better approve and enable us implement it!


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