Speaking 1 Language?-Paint Ya Lips!

Salut amis, et bienvenue sur nouveau mon pas quell in fracais, ‘Poisson Sans Boisson C’est poison’…lOL..wait a minute..What the dickens is this? 😀 Alright, pals…Iam not from heaven! Am live here seated in International Hospital Kampala’s 3rd floor scribbling with my computer key board trying to make sense of my brain-well, in fact, I would prefer a ‘cheaper’ plastic surgery to have another Brain inserted into my already triangular-shaped head 🙂

Now, what am I saying….( a story first)…So, it was weekend of 5th this year, and myself, congolese friend and Tanzanian friend were doing a little shopping at Shoprite in Kampala Uganda. So, I dare to buy a pine apple-you know, I haven’t heard that for ages!, my Congolese friend asks me in french ‘Quest ce q’est que en anglais?) and I was like ‘a pine apple) 🙂 My Tanzanian friend looked at us in amusement and muttered in Swaihili *which I actually listen and never speak* 😦 something like (Can I get one too)..Now, my congolese friend was like (Is he talking to you or the pine apple?) LOL..Kinda funny, I kept thinking about it until we reached home and were doing surgery to the pine apple until a debate arose *they always do* on WHICH LANGUAGE SHOULD LEAD AFRICA? 🙂

That was trouble for real..I cant even imagine, we spent 3 hours making ‘noise’ about and in the end left with no answer!

Bottom line is, Its very challenging if we cant communicate! How will there be peace in Africa? How shall we see oneanother as brother and sister? How shall we be able to talk on table without one fearing of back-biting? 😦

Iam not multilinguist..well, atleast I can speak my mother tongue *which 80% of my new friends never think I can*, English * definately my mum caned me to make me learn that one at home*. I have summoned myself to learn Francais, Spanish, Italiano and Arabic before I die *thats in 51year’s time from now’. Good news is Iam almost past intermediate stage on the former 😛

I would like to think there is a difference between ‘Speaking’, ‘writing’ and understanding different languages. Whereas, I can hear a number of sentences in all the above languages in addition to Danish *a very complicated language* God forgive Danish people 😉 , It’s TIME TO LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE 😀 You agree or dis agree!

In November last year, African youths including myself showed up in Nairobi for a water and sanitation summit ahead of African Ministerial Conference on water…but my big worry was ‘the communication medium’. Everything was in English..Oh Lavage! How in hell were youths from French-speaking countries feeling? Only God Knows!..We still have time, So..Hopefully, we shall be talking in tongues by May? All’onsay…Let us go 😀

Nice weekend pals..Respect-Integrity-Passion & Hope 😀


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