Hello March 2011 :-D

I have no green idea about what the rest of my colleagues feel or think about this month but on my side, I cant Imagine we are remaining with 10 days to get the hell out of this month! seriously! Afew says ago, people were still wishing their girl friends and boy friends (my foot! 😦 ) happy valentines day, then women’s day, then Ian Clarke winning, a re-run of the Kampala Mayoral ship…hasnt been a month of holidays!?

Whereas, I have always believed that good stuff jet in August, I think I need to provide for the undoubted fact that ‘for whatever good that comes your way, it never will come on a silver plate!’. 🙂 We always have to use our brains left, right north and centre. We gotta be positive and work extra hard-and I mean extra hard! because practically everybody works hard but, its those that go the extra mile to talk with the right people, use their spin of their environment to keep apace with the current environmental dynamics! 🙂
Alright, Iam not talking rocket science here but I just mean, *stay put and smile from within when pessimists tell you that what you want to do is impossible!’ 😀

By end of April, I will be sure whether I will be here (Uganda) or USA in August..but even if I were to work in the States, I would have to be back here, because my small heart belongs here! 😀

Mummy & Daddy have a good day..and remember ‘The Promise’…Pals take absolute care and preserve your ‘Respect-Integrity-Passion and Hope)


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