Only Jeans Have A Right To Dirt!

Dirt..Dirty..Wooo..Thats not a new word in my vocabulary..or is it? 😉 Well, for Africans *who by the way think invented English*, that word is too strong to be used by the under 18s! Seriously Iam!

D’accord, this is a joke for today! 😀

According to Brian (2011), in his loose talk ‘Live Your Life The Way You Want To’, Jeans have come and gone too far. Since I was 6-atleast as I remember, Jeans were my thing…and they are bloody cool-aren’t they? Whether skinny, Boot,Baggy, Loose styles etc..JEANS STAND OUT! However, this comes at a price of cleaning them! 😦

For communities, families, individuals without washing machines yet *and that includes myself* this is a nightmare! A tour of all East African cities of Nairobi, Dar es-salaam, Kigali, Bujumbura and East Africa’s MOST HATED city-Kampala..will feed your eyes with a hell of human beings trodding on the streets with *EXTREMELY DIRTY JEANS* 😦 Its Not only in Africa, In Europe *where there is no dust approximately* you will meet cool pals on streets with dirty jeans..In America, the street show (thats how they call it) involves youths putting on dirty jeans….In Israel, Men can put on one Jean for a week without changing it!

OBSERVATION: Only jeans have a right to get dirty and NEVER the upper body wear of say Tshirts, Shirts, Tops, Blouses etc. I have come to conclusion that we have a new trend/paradigm hitting the sorry it has taken me too! I think somebody should start up a Jean company producing dirty jeans only-I know those that make ‘tainted’ jeans have tried butmay be *as young people* we need more of the dirt!

Conclusion: As I write this, Iam thinking, one day I will have a son who will be reading this in some years to come. This will give him an insight into what Iam going through..In fact, I have around 15 dirty jeans in my room! But never Dirty Tshirts! hahahahaha…This world is crazy!


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