Comme Ca, Au revoir Le Mon De Avril :-)

Afew days from now, 2 days to be exact, we gotta be saying bye bye to the quandixieme mon de cette annuee! Well, its been characterised by a set of events with a trademark show of bloody damn good holidays! Easter friday and saturday remain my days to remember 😛

But as Jay-Z says, “Hold Up-What Have you done in this month?” 🙂 Now, that’s a question which many people who pretend to be wise prefer not to answer especially at this stage of the month. By this time, they are already in a hell of next months’ debts…asking when the next pay check will be in! As for me, since am aint working yet..I ask, “What achievements do I have?” 🙂 What good things have I done and what bad things do I intend to do? 😀

For self acclaimed quick negativists, they will ask but why focus on the negatives? 😦 The simple answer is…have you heard about something they call ‘Mistakes’? Well, In my life, a mistake is one I should do without being aware of its consequences! Thats what a mistake is to me! 😀 You cant do something consistently 3 times and you have the courage to stand infront of people with your 2 balls and a sausage and say..’Am sorry but that was a mistake…”..damn 😦 I would have sent you to hell already!

So…yes, the month is off..and as I write this, Iam remaining with 28 Days to say good bye to my Master of public health. And what follows.. dieu forgive legons but I think…something is destined to happen! At the moment, what is important is to finish my course on a high tempo! The goals will come through consistent and even play!!! 😀

Salut avril…you have seen me be interviewed in a hell of tasks, can i get one? Iam aint sure but if I dont…it will be a personal dissappointment but yet another experience to prepare my announcement onto the world stage!

Sending #fear to hell 😀

Have a damn good day…..inshallah


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