Saluting May :-)

Aha, Its kinda a long time when I last write something on my blog..well, I assume wordpress wasnt planning to dis enable account;;was it? Whats the reason? I have been trying to pack and unpack my head chambers with relevant information files in preperation for the final MPH exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo 😀 Yes, Iam serious for kiddingggggggggggggg..these gonna be the last exams I ever do at masters level! whaaaaaaaaaaaaat..yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh….am i sure?,,,hold up.. 😉 for now Iam!

Last month has been kinda revelational and interesting bearing in mind that I grow up every day… 😀 when i wake up only to find that am alive, it means God still trusts me and thinks strongly that I have a mission to accomplish before I get the bloody hell out of here 😀 to detiny? where is destiny? HEAVEN ofcourse! 😀

The latest fears *read worries because I gat no negative fear* 😉 is that I dont know where Iam going next! Definately I have an action plan..but wait..what happens when the a disaster happends when an international organisation has already made its budget? In the red cross worls, we make appeals! In public health, we make plan Bs! Whereas am not so sure where and what I will be doing with myself, I assume..and strongly contend that I will be doing something whether here in uganda, East Africa, Africa, or by the way most likely *Europe*..but I bloody love being here..this is my land..i gotta do something for it!!!!!

Lets hold up and see how this week ends…because am expecting some news .. 😀 Cant unleash what that is all about but the good news is that its concerning ‘Public Health’-My first love 😀 Isnt my girl friends name ‘Acer Notebook” and our engagement ring “Wikipedia” ? 😕 Eish…lets rock n roll!!! Hello world, potential guys are comming up…and where is fear? she must be getting extremely worried! 😀

Catch u sooner, possibly ademain? I will be en lignen 😉

Brian Bilal…Hello Mum and dad


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