Shifting Gears To #Mbarara? Pay Back Time?

After, I can technically say, finishing my mission to execute MPH, its time to think where next the destination is gonna be. 😉

Ever since I finished my exams on 25th May, I have been trying to make ends meet with my MPH research. Though that should and bloody hell wont be a problem, its time for me to move on. One thing Iam pleased with myself is setting a goal and achieving it. Last year sametime, It was the ‘International Year of the Youth’ and I was wondering what I would achieve in it. Others may have achieved new babies for themselves..cant blame them because we are different, different thoughts and different ambitions. Speaking of that, I wanna make some correction that actually iam aint planning to be a priest! 😉 My baby will jet in at a time when I want him to! Thank God I have a supportive person on that one! hahaha
So, As I was saying, I decided to achieve an MPH instead of a baby! 😀 😀 And that has been done!

Next move, will be to Mbarara where I will be supporting the Red Cross Branch in all areas of development as far as public health is concerned. I assume it will be a shorter time because come on, I gotta start getting paid! Iam bloody of the right age and right material! Time to do personal development is right here and thats what iam looking at! As I write this, Iam seated at International Health Sciences Unversity 3rd floor thinking about how much I miss my parents and siblings! 😦 I havent seen them bloody a long time! 😦 all in the name of studies! Thank God they understood and supported my cause! Tomorrow, Sunday, I connect to Mbarara where I will be re-defining myself and sorry to say this but it will be in High Definition!

Stay #Fearless,
Brian (The Public Health Freak)* 😀


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