Peer Education In Addressing Water &Sanitation Issues. Why Not?

So, as I write this, Iam sitting on my bloody desktop PC because my lovely Acer Laptop decided to crush and it simply cant get on. Thank God, my brains had informed me in advance and I bought a Toshiba external hard drive where 99% of my documents are. Its 5 Oclock, so then is the time when I have to write out some *shitty stuff* because thats what unprofessionnals call it ;). Am in high anticipation that my visa will be ready tomorrow since I have been accepted as a delegate to the forthcomming Water & Sanitation Youth Conference in Johannesburg 😀 Its gonna be my first time in SA, yeah..but I have been some where else. In between my brains are the questions
1)Where are we missing the point in water and climate change issues?
2)Are we using the right methodologies to the targeted people?

It is true that over 70% of the population of Nations in Africa are young people aged less than 30 years. We all know that generally, such young people are all in schools or higher levels of learning. Why dont we use the school based peer education programme with a focus on water and sanitation? 😦 Iam wondering why I never thought of that one before. I have done some good studies to suggest that a good and well planned peer education programme can yield jaw dropping results in the field of HIV/AIDS. Cant it be launched under water and sanitation? Wouldnt kids and youths be more interested to learn from their fellow teens or peers rather than complex stuff from we-the so called consultants? 😀 No…am serious…

We all know this for real 🙂 Climate Change Consultants & Priests Have One Thing In Common-They Are Super-Boring, Lack Energy & Their Methodology Of Sending Points Home Can Make Even The Most Focussed Audience Dose-Off. <strong>However, Traditional Healers Have The Magic To Make Messages Stick.Those Dudes Command Respect & Trust Among The Communities. I have been in seminary before, so I know what the hell am talking about right? Those sessions about hail MAry were quite boring *just not to sound rude* 😉

I believe, we are the dudes, we are the people to fix this, we have potential and most importantly, we have the time. When I get to this conference, which I should be on soon, my job will be to raise some issue about how we are doing the whole thing. We need to restructure the way health promotion and health education is conducted as far as climate change and associated causes of water issues are concerned. Peer education rules in such settings.We Need To Breath-Some-Life In Such Seemingly ‘Boring, Irrelevant, Unknown But Important World-Challenging Topics’ #Peereducationapproachtoclimatechange 🙂

A final evaluation of such projects should document the process, impact and outcomes of this suggested approach. Then we can forward it to WHO for official recognition and publishing 😀

Hello Johannesburg, Iam ready for you 🙂


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