Le Mon De Julliet Comes Avec News Nouveaulles :)

A Good Bye To 'MPH' Class Of 2011

Alright, so..this is not about public health, or is it? 😦

As I write this, its just a matter of hours when I got my MPH results overall. Its official. Iam out of Master class successfuly after scoring a record 73.58% overall. Iam yet to know my GPA but it should be around 4.+ 🙂 which literally means, I have proved a point to myself after my poor performance at Bachelor’s level.
With that, i can live a life of no regrets having studied what I loved the most and I look forward to doing the best in my field.

Definately, I have many people to thank. Hold up, may be its not yet time to start thanking because I still have my research to do up to October but that shouldnt be a problem. I have known how good Iam :)But big ups to my dad and mum, brothers and sisters…lets wait for the dollars to jet in 😉

My expectations are damn high but the focus is there. Respect-Integrity-Passion-Hope is there in full swing. And since Impossible is nothing with control (the control being God/Allah)…there is an absolute chance that Iam on the right side of history 🙂

For the first time, I was happy with my performance because I gave my everything absolutely. I got no excuses whatsoever. I can say mission accomplished.
I dont know what God/Allah is planning for me, but what i can be sure is, its very BIG. Hello Fear, I usually loose some of my words when Iam happy, for now, I would like to be alone and smile justtttttttt. 🙂 However, Iam aint contented with that…sooner or later, i should be on a DrPH programme 🙂 #Ambition. Thanking God?allah and hoping that I keep focussed this month as usual, bi stuff are on the right plane comming to me 😉 Hello Fear


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