Is Africa Ready For A Sanitation Revolution?

“Bring-It-On!”…Thats the trademark catchphrase for us Africans when we are challenged to do something. We say that with alot of zeal and zap not only to show our desire and dedication to prove a point but to show that we are real MEN! Every African culture you will visit from Capetown to Cairo, Mombasa to Dakar, they will teach you the same philosophy of life! Africans have no #Fear…we were brought up to take-on-challenges although the question of whether we have been ‘enabled’ to assassinate missions remains one of public health’s BIG-Question.
Hitting the point, On Monday July 18th, I will be off to a new country again, Rwanda-also dubbed as the ‘Singapore of Africa’. I will be heading the Africa Water & Youth International (a youth arm of the African Ministerial Conference on Water) Delegates for the Africasan3 in Kigali at International Hotel of Serena! 🙂

Well, with all the publicity that has made prior to the Africasan3, I can confirm that it will be a great learning platform and another cool arena for young delegates to announce their arrival onto the International Arena. With 801 delegates registered officially, WHO, UNWATER, etc..President Kagame will talk ofcourse together with his team, but most importantly, there will be valuable lessons to learn from the field. I have checked out a number of organisations ready to steal the show 🙂 Despite all this, I ask myself this question “Is Africa Ready For A Sanitation Revolution?’

Many of us are not surprised by such conferences. We have been at conferences where we have done enough talking but no real hands on work and needless to mention, obvious information flow and exchange.
Africa has the water and the ability to have better sanitation programmes that fit African communities.:) Sanitation goes hand in hand with water issues which also circumnavigate around climate change and waste management. We have also hard about the theories of global cities-talk about Urban planning etc… 🙂

If there is any platform that will determine the continents future as far as communicable diseases epidemiology, technology, poverty trends, it is this conference in Kigali. I would like to think that all young people delegates will keep their eyes open, and I mean focussed with a serious ‘life-after-africasan3’ very much clearer.
As I write this, Iam waiting for the Africa Water & Youth Coordinator to clear my travel arrangements. Hoping for the best, I will be tweeting live in Kigali starting today as I arrive 😉 Cheers 🙂


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