Why Am Loving August!

I Love Her and she bloody knows it 🙂 Thats right, no regrets..and am serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This month started with some jaw dropping news of me ‘retiring’ from what the United Nations calls ‘youth club’ whose age ranges up to a maximum of 24. I added an extra 1 year onto that one literally meaning that am moving closer to death! wooooo..thats a bit scary for people scared to die..of which speaking of that reminds me of my 90 somethiing grand mother apparently undergoing a hell of renovations concerning her health. Good luck and quick recovery to the for-ever young lady! haha

Oh..and I dont think I had gathered time to write quite alot of stuff, yesss, I have been kinda fixed (read buried) in a number of missions so far..so isnt life boring? You gotta be kidding me! Now the good news…

Congraturations to my little brother, Bruce, finally, he’s headed to Makerere University. When I look back and remember the times when the dude didnt even know how to close his shirt buttons, the times when he was scared of lizards and butterflies, the times when he would move around with some weak trees, and wires which he could have ‘stolen’ from some old radios-under the mission to make ‘electricity’…man, times have changed! And now, he’s gonna seat face to face with some of arguably Africa’s best brains in the survival for the fittest battle, it all sounds really un believable!!!!
Congrats to my little sister too, Blaise who proves a point by connecting for 3rd year of her 4th year Mechanical Engineering study course! woooooooo..girl, you rock, so far you have proved some male-ego down. And now that she puts on some swag of glasses, she reminds me of Engineer Winnie Byanyima-the wife to the big eyed and tough talking FDC opposition big bull, Kiiza Besigye (Dr)…Keep up the tempo! Speaking of the females, Congs too My sister Brenda for proving some hell of critics *that includes myself* upon returning to school!!! Thats a milestone and you have my support in any way I can!!! 🙂
Congrats also to my other brother, Bright upon finishing your UACE Mock examinations, although you have alot of fear!!! Every one who has been in the same shoes at that platform has felt hell in their balls (trust me)!!!Some of us had the guts to faint at times, but as we talked, never say never!!!!
Am I done giving alot of congrats? Nope, One more,,, Congrats to my ‘friend’ Lynn upon finishing your clinical medicine course and welcome to the club too. Let’s see how you make a name here ..I have no doubts and you know it 😉 You the know the 7th Nov rule! 😉

Concerning myself, as I write this, am seated all alone in the Red Cross Mbarara branch office after reading a hell of stuff-you know my MPH research is no joke! This week, I visted the pediatrics hospital in Nyamitanga which together with some American friends had volunteered on in 2008! I was really surprised, big building, well functioning structures..when I saw the place, I stopped and said @HelloFear! 😀 That shows the power of volunteering, you cant tell, my son might be born there some time! haha. I also visited Mary Hill High School while doing a @HealthySchoolsProgramme teaching those young girls first aid and emmergency skills with the Uganda Red Cross! yay!!! Love it..dont I? 🙂
I have managed to fix some serious programme for next week so far! Coca Cola Co. will be visited by myself on 19th and train their staff in CPR Emmergency Life Saving Skill..Talk about being multiskilled!! 🙂 And on the shocking news, I have a serious job interview with..husssssssssssssssshhhhhhh…#DanishRefugeeCouncil, no more news on that 😉

Finally, August looks to be my month-of-break-through..well, it has been the time when my new year starts! Can I complain??? Nope..oh..did I also write that I was accepted as a new student for the continueous leadership development programme at the famous International Institute for global leadership (USA)..reading..reading!!! 🙂 And I can’t forget it…finally and I mean finally (am joking)..my dad;s wish to have a son teaching at University could come true since I have also been accepted to teach public health to undergraduate students at Boshop Stuart University. That wont start though until 2012 January when the new semester starts. AM not so sure whether I will wait for that if new opportunities show up! Will I? 😦 ….thinking!!!

Hello August, I will Marry you!!! 😀 Respect-Integrity-Passion-Hope! No #Fear! 🙂


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