Good Bye August! Au Revoire Auit! Welcome September! Bienvenue Septembre!

It is official, let me change that to the sexiest language C’est Officielle! My most loved month is over and here comes September! I have not blogged much as I would have wanted because of some un avoidable circumstances of time. I have alwasy believed that I manage my time and really would not like to be managed by time! 😀 I guess that is the reason why I have no regrets in my life so far 😉

So, August is off but this time with some real good news that reverbate some hope!
1) I was accepted into the mentoring programme of International Global Leadership Institute and have so far finished the first stage after reading and finishing 2 books in the names of Jonathan Seagull and Allen Whites ‘What A Man Thinketh’.—> very inspiring books I must say! So, I look forward to be a good manager at some stage in my life 😉 Jesus, that could be sooner than you had imagined.

2) I was accepted from a pool of applicants for the Managerial position in Northern Uganda by the Danish Refugee Council 🙂 Yes..I was. And I have sat 2 interviews since then and I have hope that I will be selected for the final one which will take place soon mid september! 🙂 Wish me luck!

3) My MPH dissertation Supervisor, Dr Nick allowed me to go to the field and do my research, collect data and start writing serious stuff! So yes, Thats a big achievement although there is still alot to do! I hope I wont be Lazy otherwise I will be in deep shit! LOL 😀

4) YOURS have accepted me as the final contender for the Regional Africa Core team group and I will hold an Interview with them this new month on September 5th, so I can confirm that one! 🙂 I should be doing my research very well you know! hehehehehe

5) The Uganda Red Cross have also given me another go-ahead to stay with them and it looks like I might be staying with the Red Cross for much longer than I had anticipated..thanks to Mr Richard and the branch management! hehehehe 🙂 Details to be witnessed by the end of this month!

6) Every day, Iam working on my french, so I guess that is another region of interest hahaha,,but I will need alot of practice O_o. I promised my self that when I leave the Red Cross which should be after this year, I should be going for something bigger! and I guess, that is what will happen.

Brilliance is Brilliance and quality speaks for it self, I strongly believe that I will be where I belong really soon! Hello Fear!

I wish everybody the best of the best this new month and remember, Respect-Integrity-Passion & Hope 🙂


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