Au Revoir Novembre, Salut Decembre! Youths Must Stay Safe :)

It has been pretty long and I mean long when I last sat confortably facing my wife (read my Acer screen) in her silver sparkling eyes, held out my hand as my feeble fingers kiss her keyboard! Hold up, Iam I the guy that wrote the famous ‘Merchant of Venice’? LOL 😉

November is all gone, but it stays in my mind! 😀 Having successfully defended youths participation and involvement in road safety arena in Africa at the second African Conference on Road Safety, it wouldnt have been better in Addis Ababa…you know what happened! So, as fate, would have it, I came back to Uganda and was struggling to be accepted at the National Working Group on road safety until I had to be alittle assertive than usual.

There is alittle problem (Read a hurricane of pregnant problems) with African Leaders not accepting that young brains can think young, solve their young mess in a young approach. The National Working Group did not want me on the team, guess what, the reason being, ‘Iam Un Experienced!’ Holy smokes! How and what in hell was that supposed to mean, I wondered? 😦 But as usual, I dont give up so easily (talk about demanding your rights). I talked to the programme officer in charge of road safety and first aid, Mr Paul from the Uganda Red Cross Society and he passed my ideas through the back door into the National meeting! Yayaya 😀

November also, saw us close the school to school stay safe road safety programme and we hope our school adolescents stay safe during the holidays in a holistic approach! 🙂 This ofcourse involves youth sexual and reproductive health aspects and the environment!

December, arguably my 2nd best month of the year has arrived with a bang! Yes…thats for sure, a serious bang! We kicked it off with a national trainer of trainers course on first aid and road safety. With 20 carefully selected participants, we successfully trained and certified a new group of young people that will enhance our capacity development programme and empowering our communities with basic life saving skills in case of community emmergencies as road accidents, fractures, burns, bleeding and emmergency child birth! 😉 All thanks to the Belgian Flanders Red Cross support!

Thanks to YOURS Team too…This is not official shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…quite…but I think I will be a guest writer giving a personal youth opinions concerning road safety issues in my continent! So, may be, I still have chance of fulfilling my dream, my former teachers’ wish and above all my fathers’ wish to write a series of journals and books:-all in the name of sorting a little mess and making our continent a far much better continent than many people can imagine! Joyeux noel the YOURS Team! 😛

As we approach christmas, I bet every one is talking about it because today I was in the bank and this teller greets me ‘Merry Xmas customer’ 😛 technically meaning, the day is here! I would like to pass a clear message of #STAYINGSAFE. Young people are the best resource that can be tapped and can very much help to sort out some mess which our fore fathers created. However, to do that, they must be alive. During the Xmas session, young people are very vulnerable to seriously fatal mortalities all in the name of having fun! They drink and drive, walk on the streets aimlessly drunk, Dont observe traffic rules and all this ofcourse pre disposes them to HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregancies! 🙂 Guys, we gotta start behaving responsibly-it is one of the reasons why the ‘old’ people dont want to give us the front seat in making meaningful contributions in our countries and Africa in General 🙂 As M. Ghandi said, ‘Let Us Be The Change That We Want’! 😀

#StaySafe, #Respect #Integrity #Passion & #Hope 🙂


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