What Is The Danish-Uganda Project Steering Committee?

This has been a saga of some sort in the Uganda Red Cross Youth, and thanks to the team, we have officially finished up the mess. Here is our stand.

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Table of Contents

1.1 Description of the Project Steering Committee. 2

1.1.1 Purpose and goals of the project steering committee: 2

1.1.2 Long Term goals. 2

1.2 Structure, roles and responsibilities of the committee: 2

1.2.1 Structure of the Project Steering Committee. 3

1.2.2 Roles and Responsibilities. 3

1.3 Criteria of Selecting the Chairperson of the PSC. 4

1.4 Criteria for the members of the committee: 4

1.5 Roles and Responsibilities of the Ex delegates. 4

1.1 Description of the Project Steering Committee

The project steering Committee is a group working at the national level in the URCS in close relation with other steering committees and groups in all the partner countries as far as youth activities are concerned in the department.

The project steering committee will have an important task in strengthening volunteer influence and leadership in the development of all categories of project activities with all categories of projects in the youth department that is to say DRCY, German Red Cross among others

The project steering committee will also act as an umbrella organ for the Ex delegates club in terms of coordinating there activities and also setting objectives and direction for the club.

The project steering committee is intended to take a central part in developing international youth projects and will be responsible for communication with the volunteers in the other partner countries with whom the project is being developed.

1.1.1 Purpose and goals of the project steering committee:

The purpose is to promote a voluntary based partnership that on equal basis can take lead in development of future youth projects.

1.1.2 Long Term goals

Support the BYCs in the respective branches in continuous monitoring and support in periods with no youth leaders present there.

Support the taskforces in implementing branches through the youth leaders and also the focal persons in times of the youth leader and DYV absence

To create a strong and effective relationship and communication platform among youth in the partner and project societies involved with the youth department

1.2 Structure, roles and responsibilities of the committee:

The committee should consist of 5 members – expanding the number of members of the committee with 5 after 1 year.

A chairperson of the committee should be selected by the members every after two years.

1.2.1 Structure of the Project Steering Committee


The members should be selected by existing PSC members with technical advice from Assistant Director, Youth and Volunteer management.

The ex delegates club will be under the project steering committee in order to keep a streamlined communication flow and since all members of the PSC are ex delegates it suites very fine and also the fact that the ex delegates will be based at branch level as a youth forum kind of body not a structure on its own.

In due occurrence that a member is over the age of 35 years, he/she is no longer an active member of the PSC but rather regarded as an ex delegate in the ex delegates club

The project steering committee chairperson is allowed to maintain the seat for only two years in order to maintain occurrence and execution of ideals

1.2.2 Roles and Responsibilities

1. Support development of activities and projects for youth and contribute to fundraising and proposal writing

2. Communication with the country of project “origin”. This will be a mandate for the chairperson and vice chairperson with direct consultation for the Assistant Director Y&VM

3. Supporting the development of projects and other future projects and also those that fall within the youth department.

4. Doing research for the background for the proposals and applications.

5. The Project Steering Committee takes part in creating a common understanding of the project related work between the volunteers from URCS and partnering country volunteers.

6. Take part in the midterm and final evaluations

7. Sharing experiences and best practices from previous work in the branches and make sure to implement this in the on going work and the way forward.

8. Work as a knowledge bank for similar projects and for creating and nurturing co-operation among youth in different Red Cross societies.

9. Directly get involved in developing youth related issues like advocacy initiatives, leadership and other related issues for the NYC & BYC

10. Updating and maintaining the Ex delegates database and also coordinating all activities of the ex delegates club

1.3 Criteria of Selecting the Chairperson of the PSC

1. The chairperson should be democratically elected by the members of the project steering committee

2. Minimum Qualification: Bachelors Degree

3. Age: 25 – 30 years Old

4. There will be no extension of service after the period of two (2) years

5. Should be committed to PSC activities as per there description in the document

1.4 Criteria for the members of the committee:

1. Ex-delegates from any partnership in any programme that exists in the URCS fraternity

2. Experience with international work/projects

3. Age: 20 – 35 (after the age of 35 the member will not be part of the PSC anymore, but will be part of the ex-delegates club)

4. Minimum Education: UACE certificate

5. Gender Balance should be considered

6. Prior knowledge on PPM and project proposal writing

7. Availability – In certain periods where there will be many tasks for the committee to do. Computer literacy

1.5 Roles and Responsibilities of the Ex delegates

1. Selection and mentoring of new delegates to take part in the exchange programme in their respective branches.

2. Participate in planning and setting objectives for the branch in collaboration with the branch manager and Branch Youth Council (Quarterly or Annually)

3. Planning of existing and initiation of new youth and branch activities at branch level

4. Come up with fundraising strategies for their respective branches in order to foster branch level resource mobilization

5. Should re – mobilize all resources that existed at branch level like Task force members, stakeholders among others

Looking forward to our second most important meeting. Smile Mush respect to the team Smile with tongue out


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