Bienvenue Ma Mois De Mars! Why Iam So Expectant & Excited About Public Health Advances



As I write this, am marking my mark on yet another platform with the arrival of this new month. Its 16:31 Hrs Ugandan time. Glued onto my computer seat at my work place, its rather gonna be a long weekend or will it? The point, however, it’s a new month, literally meaning, a new person, new ideas, new plans, new everything. I have this inherent voice that tells me ‘You are now mature’ Smile Where as of course, I have always thought that I was as old as a 45 year old, I definitely think I have over grown (read over matured). The month of March brings yet another challenge of keeping me focussed in a bid to mark my marks on the public health arena-that’s my passion in addition to keeping my family (my mother, daddy + siblings happy). Iam sure that’s the wish of every parent who paid a lot to raise a son like me! hahaha

February (the french for some reason call it Fevril) saw me follow my family record of teaching…I have 2 Maternal Uncles who have since turned into University Lecturers, My daddy and mummy are retired teachers, and 2 of my paternal uncles are Secondary School Head Teachers too. Ofcourse, there is a record of health specialists too but I also set my own trend of public health professionals…The problem with public health is that it will want you to be a corp (epidemiologist), a TV presenter (Health promotion), a teacher (health education) a politician (healthy public policy), a doctor (health services management) everything you know…it’s a challenging field in which one has to redefine themselves into something different from the normal in order to make some meaningful moves. Having worked with the team which in 2008 formed the course unit agenda for the department of public health for Bishop Stuart University-which of course, they didn’t pay me for, I was called last month to teach the love of my life Health education and health promotion + designing disease control programme course Units to Bachelor of Public Health year III. Then, Informed my father about it..and guess what? The old man (I admire his brain) was so ecstatic having been aware that I would continue his wish to have some of kids become University lecturers! Smile with tongue out I guess am en train de living the reve de mes parents! I will try, that’s pour quoi, ills envoyer moi a ecole! Ca ta plus? Bien sur, c’est ca! D’accord, lets do it then!

And then followed the writing and supporting of the Standard first aid manual course for the Uganda Red Cross Society. I must admit, I feel so lucky to be working with an institution where I feel most welcome! Thanks to Mr. Levi, Mr.Paul and ofcourse the ever insighting and my role model, Mr.Richard! I bet, I have learnt a lot from them…and well, before I take over the world by its butt (which I ever attempted), I will definitely go along with the skills, knowledge and experience I have stolen from them…and I have one target of..being better than all of them! That’s their wish..I guess!

In other news, Iam not getting married any time soon…quite a number of missions to execute yet! haha Open-mouthed smile ..end of story

March will make me a better person I hope…am looking forward to a number of interactions and steps to climb in order to make myself and those around me better. My work with as an ambassador of human dignity continues-although, I must admit, I need to be involved even more! I feel, iam working behind the scenes Sad smile My work with continues…and I cant wait for what March will bring!

Congrats also to my little brother who did his best at his Advanced Level studies! Scoring a cool B score in Mathematics has become a family trend of doing well in Physics and Maths! #familytrait! The pressure mounts to our last born who will be doing his O’levels this year! Good luck kid in advance! I hope, you will join university and follow your elder bros and sister in doing your thing! Whatever the plans, we can only do them only when we are alive! So, best wishes to every one in the new month..lets stay focussed, God for us all, Impossible Is Nothing With Control! Hello Fear, Respect-Integrity-Passion & Hope!


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