The Reason Why I Never Held Graduation Parties-Revealed













From London Down To New York, On The Red Carpet Sseee Me Walk….’ Those are lyrics from one of the old Eminem-wannabee from Uganda. His name is Daniel Kyeyune, but many know him as Ragga Dee! He was my inspiration in the early 2000s (of course many of you had not been born) But you see, Monsieur Ragga Dee had a special kind of rapping that would let you curious on what next he’s gonna say-typical of a professional rapper like me (LOL). He made arguably the most creative videos of all time in Uganda-At a time, when other musicians were struggling in Kenya and Rwanda, langushing in the streets of Kigali and Nairobi, Mr Ragga Dee was live here in Uganda catching us (the youth) by storm with his best of the best shows. Weren’t some of his videos close to those of the legend Michael Jackson 😦  I wouldn’t doubt it…excelllent and a bl end of creativity that saw George Bush and Saddam Hussein cartoons featuring in his shows<<<bloody amazing guy…WAITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT ….what the hell am I talking about right now? Oh…I just remembered that I was supposed to be a rapper, a footballer or an academician. Fate has befallen me, and I have chosen 80% of my time for the latter, 18% for the football, and 2% for the rap! Watch out for my album coming up!!!! (Bad joke)

Now, we all know something called ‘Graduation ‘ right? Ofcourse, it is a dream of every university student! With their families and friends at the last minute when they are given their respective degrees and diplomas! Yayyyy…that could mean one thing….getting rich!!!!!!! One is looking forward to getting a job, and hopefully starting up a new life with a new partner and a new everything. Everybody is happy on those day, taking photos of themselves, celebrations in the air, champagne in the mix….pork….eish… But mine was a different course unit 🙂

When I finished my first degree which I obtained from Mbarara University of Science & Technology in June 2008, my parents were more than excited to make a party for me…in fact, it was the first degree in my family (ofcourse because Iam first born) So, I mean, they were right to be excited. Finally, some one had staged the basement, and all kids (my siblings) had a challenge to beat! Atleast, that’s what it seemed. As I finished, I asked myself whether I was contented with what I had achieved. To me, it was another single printed paper (those who have studied from Mbarara University of Science & Technology know what I mean right?)…So, out of the blue, I told my parents to relax…and told them I had not graduated with a first class or ‘something special’…and I DEMANDED to have no party.

Deep in my head, I was sure that I would do ‘something special’ when I went for a master’s course! While I was running some errands here and there with the Uganda-Danish Red Cross Youth, I decided to fix some time and I joined up #InternationalHealthSciencesUniversity for my Master of Public Health which I finished with some jaw dropping GPA. My family were ecstatic! 😛 This time, they demanded to have a party to congraturate me! But, my head was looking far from the party…I already had contacts at University of Sydney, where I have scooped some summer programme which will over see me finish a Doctorate in Public Health….I know, my father will faint, when he finally learns that I will have a Doctorate degree. He had been telling me about this ever since I was a small boy. I remember those times, whenever we would be in the shambas, or farms, and he is telling me of his school days…I always felt that I would do better than him. My mother on the other side always told me to do my BEST by Seeing-Judging-Acting!!! That is mother’s philosophy and bloody hell, it works!

So, my family made me sooooooooooooo motivated from a tender age, and well…they succesfully created a monster of an ambitious man! 😀  wooohooo Credit to them! I continue seeing graduation parties as some form of #notBeingRealistic…I know the psychologists will be on my butt that we must celebrate all small achievements<<which I very much agree…But, there are some abnormally high-target setters like me (seriously). When Iam given an assignment, I want to do it 100% (and am not saying this just for the sake) My immediate supervisors know that! Ofcourse I get disappointed when I miss my target, but as I like to say, ‘Impossible Is Nothing With Control’! On my way up (where I havent reached), I met some pessimists, who clearly showed me, there was no way…yeah, I knew that they needed eye glasses to see that beyond the atoms, there are protons, netrons, electrons…etc.

Blame it on my daddy and mummy, I was brought up to be the best in everything good that is there. I was brought up to respect my opponents but never take the front seat when clearly, there is no driver. That however doesn’t mean, people shouldn’t celebrate…there are very many ways which people celebrate. I have seen others cry-tears-of-joy, I have seen others drink, others pray, others yell and shout…mine has been……punching the air, saying ‘Hello next assignment, here I come…’

Sounds like I have some Brianmania syndrome that I call #OverAmbition? But I can control it…so, sorry Doctors, I wont be needing your help! 😛  hahahahhahaha LMAO

Ahhh…Stay safe every one, this bloody April is coming to an end so early!!!!!!

Brian’s World….Respects to Jesus|Mohammed|Allah|God….


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