Apply to be a Freedom Fellow-Time To Promote Some International Love

The Freedom Fellowship is an opportunity for young people to learn about social justice and work with other youth from across the City to take action. Freedom Fellows will participate in wellness seminars, leadership training, anti-oppression training, community building workshops, field trips, and a two-day retreat.

Fellows will focus on developing an issue-based campaign in the following areas:

Freedom Fellows

1) Fair and Just Schools

This campaign will focus on creating or changing

policies that improve schools to benefit everyone. Topics may include: zero tolerance policies, homophobia in schools, education reform, public school course requirements, school hiring practices and policies, school-to-prison pipeline.

2) Healthy Communities

This campaign (now in its second year) will focus on increasing access to healthy, affordable food in community corner stores. Instructors will ensure youth have developed skills in community organizing and are prepared to expand their “Better Options, Bright Moods” campaign to various community corner stores.

The program is open to youth ages 14 – 17 as of June 1, 2012. Students must be 8th grade graduates. However, youth are not required to be enrolled in high school. Youth must be able to commit to all the summer components, which means if you are in summer school you cannot participate in the program.

The deadline for the application is Friday, May 4.

You may download the application HERE.

Please contact Tony Alvarado-Rivera with any questions.


Phone: 312.435.1201

If you would like a representative from CFS to come to your school or organization to recruit youth, please contact Tony Alvarado-Rivera, Coordinator of Youth Programs.


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