1 in 13 Ugandans are HIV+ and Reactions to my SMC Post

SMC Programme needs more than talking about….thank you for the posting…I wish we had politicians who could read such stuff. Unfortunately, they dont…and well, they make the decisions….’We still do what we can’ Victor Hugo’s ‘Power of powerless’ 🙂

Suubi Trust

We received a number of comments after my initial posting about the Safe Male Circumcision Programme at IMG.

It’s true that SMC (MMC, VMMC) has its detractors. There are some that do not consider this procedure desirable and others who are concerned that circumcision may in fact lead to an increase in HIV infections and the spread of STIs.

Some have called into question the validity of the initial three research studies, often quoted as the reasons for these national SMC programmes. We welcome further research studies, designed to ensure that these concerns are addressed. As we embark on this programme in Uganda, we are keeping research and evaluation right at the heart of what we do.

When the BBC reported the news that in Zimbabwe MPs were coming forward for SMC, it noted these concerns:

But it is not the whole solution. Promoting safe sex, providing people with HIV…

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