August! The Month Of My Life!

While GREENDAY(a sensational rock music band) says ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’…I (I belong to no music band) am thinking of August. As usual, August is the month of my life because its not only when I was born, but also a month where, well, all good stuff happen to me! It is my conviction, it has been like that, my family history can prove that, and well, yeah, the academic records and work performance 🙂

Its been like a century(for real) when I last wrote something personal (not really personal) on my blog. I think I have been, I hate saying this, but, some how busy! I hired up a personal trainer to ensure that my French gets sexier! She hasnt disappointed me yet and I look forward to being with her until December 2012. We meet every Tuesday-Thursday for 2 hours, and I must admit, #Gloria is an inspirational teacher of French. Haha, I think, some one could as well think, huh, she is cute, sooooo…sorry pal…but I consider myself to be a man and a half 😛 We definately all professionals, and since we all have backgrounds in teaching (me at University), it certainly becomes a #professionalthing 😮

And then, AIDS2012 was born too! Since 60% of the global population is made of young people, it doesnt surprise me that more than 2000 young people were enabled to attend the conference in the heart of Washington DC. As usual, I was back in the mix, spinning discs and playing the best of the best songs for young people behind the scenes 🙂 Sorry to confuse you, but I mean, preparing the YouthAIDS2012 session! 🙂 Majorly, my work looked at prioritising global young people’s demands to ensure the AIDS epidemic is sent to hell 🙂

It is a crime (punishable by being fired) if I dont talk about my work with the Red Cross. This month of July marks a period when the 60+ interns end their placements. I forgive them for all the bad things they have done to me and those they are yet to do 😀 I, however thank them for their dedication during their stay with the Red Cross family! We hope, we inspired them 🙂 A humanitarian field  is a rewarding field, because, you deal with human beings who are like you! The sense of humanity and human dignity must always be your bible, your koran…and well, your food 🙂 Our youth fellowships and clean up exercises couple by other work that cuts across health & care, disaster management and organisational development remain our top agenda. As an organisation, we cant underestimate the ability to partner with other institutions, and thats why I have a top assignment to ensure we have an effective communication agenda for us at the Red Cross<<<I feel thats possible, because, well, I believe in public-private-partnerships for health 🙂

I have not had a chance to visit my father and mother, dont forget, my sisters and brothers-the whole of July! God forgive me, but atleast I have tried to stay in touch with them over the phone, thanks to Warid Telecom. I had a chance to see daddy when we were negotiating a deal to buy some land in my town-Mbarara…and he showed a great character in his negotiation skills (I must steal that from him) 🙂 I hope, sooner, i will be blogging about a new project which I intend to start in that land. Plans are far well underway 🙂

I wish everybody a fresh month in advance! Keep result oriented…we gonna run this show! Much respects..oh, and enjoy the olimpics 😉

© BrianMKBilal


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