Family Planning is more than planning families

Africa Youth Deliver on SRHR

By Nargis Shirazi

I find a woman who is on short term family planning and she has two children. Her husband is a local farmer and they have this beautiful small simple hut with a nicely kept surrounding. I was curious to ask why she was always jolly and happy at the beading center. She invited me to her home to know just why.

Her two children were at school the time I got there and she was cleaning the home. She told me her husband had taken ‘matooke’, a type of banana that is eaten as food in the area; into town to be sold. She was beaming when I complemented her nice figure and her lovely home. She told me she owed it all to family planning! So I wondered why….and she narrated.

She compared herself to the other women in the village. She had two children that…

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