Call for Applications: Indigenous Peoples Participation to the COP11

Given some very recent developments, the CBD Alliance has one or two  funded spaces (airfare, visa costs, per diem, hotel ) available to support participation of Indigenous Peoples to the Eleventh Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 11), 8 – 19 October 2012, Hyderabad, India. We request you to kindly circulate this call widely amongst your networks.

Important note: Deadline for applications is strictly 10th August 2012. This application is open only to Indigenous Peoples. Female candidate are encouraged to apply. Applicants should be familiar with the issues that will be addressed in the meeting. More information about the meeting is available at  Please note that we only have such an urgent deadline due to recent funding approvals, and in light of registration and visa processes,  so do bear with us.

To apply

Please send the following information, attached with a recent CV to

I. Contact and Affiliation Details


Organizational Affiliation:



II. Information about yourself

Please answer the following question. Please be brief. Successful candidates are generally those who have clear, specific plans of what they hope to achieve at the meetings beyond general ‘learning’.

1.       Explain briefly why you want to participate in this meeting, and what you hope to gain from participating, as well as your experience with the issue. What issues do you hope to bring forward?

III. Approximate flight costs to Hyderabad, India

NOTE:   Each funded participant is required to write a brief, but analytical report from the meeting outlining what happened, what was achieved, and about their participation. We also strongly encourage selected applicants to contribute an article to the production of the ECO – the civil society newsletter (please see  It is expected that each selected participant will actively and fully participate in the proceedings, and in the activities of the CBD Alliance.

About the CBD Alliance

The CBD Alliance is a loose network of activists, NGOs, local community representatives and Indigenous Peoples representatives advocating for improved and informed participation in Convention on Biological Diversity processes – particularly the participation of Southern NGOs, Indigenous Peoples and Community Based Organizations. We currently moderate an email listserve of around 300 activists around the CBD. See for more information.

Application Process

The CBD Alliance Board is responsible for selecting participants. The board has been openly nominated and supported through the biodiv_civsoc listserve. Upon receiving applications, the board reviews all applications and decides on those to receive support, in consultation with the broader community. The supported candidates will then be forwarded to the SCBD for nomination, the final decision to accept the nomination lies with the SCBD.


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