Earth Charter International and YAC – free Online Short Course on “Youth Leadership, Sustainability and Ethics”

Free** Online Short Course on “Youth Leadership, Sustainability and Ethics”
*Brought to you by Earth Charter International and Youth Action for Change*
*Register Now (SEE BELOW)!*
*Course** Dates: 24th September to 4th November (Approximate)*
*Course** Description:*
The problems of today’s world are more complex than ever. They are highly interconnected and interdependent. We face climate change, vast exploitation of natural resources, population growth, growing gap between rich and poor, social inequity, among many others. To be able to respond to these challenges future leaders need a new and innovative interdisciplinary approach.
This short course aims to support the participants to identify their role as leaders for a more sustainable future and to help them to learn what the common, global values are. The aim is that after the course the participants are aware of the principles for sustainability and they will comprehend how those can be used as a tool on an individual and organizational level. The course drives for positive change in participants’ everyday lives and attempts to create a sense of global responsibility.

The ultimate aim of this short-course is to further develop the skills and capabilities necessary to conduct Earth Charter inspired action projects in the participants’ own communities and link the participants with the wider youth community working for more sustainable future. This course is designed for young people aged 18-30 who are actively involved in making a difference in their communities. The course will be restricted to 30-40 participants chosen by application – preference is given to participants who are active in their communities and who intend to use the course material to help them make a difference in their communities. Participants must be able to attend all sessions of the course and complete homework tasks in order to obtain a certificate of
completion. Participants must also have regular internet access (at least 5 hours per week) to join course sessions. Students who may also be disadvantaged are also encouraged to apply.

*About YAC:*
Youth Action for Change is a global, youth-led organization inspiring and empowering young people worldwide to become active agents of change in their own communities, so as to be able to tackle the issues affecting them and the world at large.
* *
*About The Earth Charter Initiative:*
The mission of the Earth Charter Initiative is to promote the transition to sustainable ways of living and a global society founded on a shared ethical framework that includes respect and care for the community of life, ecological integrity, universal human rights, respect for diversity, economic justice, democracy, and a culture of peace.
* *
*Application (HOW TO APPLY):*
Register your interest in participating in this online course by reading the YAC student guide attached and completing the online application form found at the following link [] by the *8thof September 2012
*. Successful participants will be notified by the 22nd of September.
Our student guide can also be downloaded here [ ]


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