Call for Applications: African Youth Conference on Post-2015 Development Agenda

12th-16th November 2012, Nairobi, Kenya.
Theme: Putting Young People at the Heart of Regional Development. 65% of the total population of Africa is below the age of 35 years, and over 35% are between the ages of 15 and 35 years – making Africa the most youth full continent. Most of these youth live in extreme poverty – 60.7 million young people live on less than US $1 a day. They are particularly challenged and vulnerable as a result of poverty, unemployment, adolescent health issues, including HIV infection, conflicts and lack of participation in decision making processes of matters affecting their lives.
So what will be Post 2015 Development Agenda for African youth? How do we ensure that African youth priorities are included and they have opportunities and resources to engage in and influence the post 2015 development framework? We aim to answer these questions with the main goal of supporting African youth to be partners in the development of the post- 2015 agenda and they take a responsibility and ownership in building the Future We Want in Africa. Convened by the Organisation of African Youth, a pan-African youth movement that unifies, empowers, and represents young people in Africa, and other supporting partners, the conference will bring together 150 young people from all the five regions in Africa with the aim of releasing an African Youth Declaration on Post-2015 Development Agenda. This is also to build on the work of the newly constituted African Youth Working Group on Post-2015. The conference will be youth-led so that young people take ownership of the process with the motto been: No Solution for US Without Us.

Nomination Criteria:
Applicants have to be from an African country and aged between 15 to 35 and representing one of the 5 regions.
Candidates must be nominated by their organizations and active young leaders contributing towards the achievement of MDGs.
Applicants must be fluent in either English or French.
Each nomination must have two candidates – one female and one male. But only one of them will be elected (Please note that applications will not be considered unless the above is fulfilled).
Application forms must be submitted together with a nominations letter from the applicant’s organization and signed by their leader. (Please note applications with no signed letter will not be considered).
The nomination letter should include details such as the position of the applicant, how long he/she has worked there, his suitability to represent the organizations and indicate whether the organization is able to sponsor the delegate’s travel costs to attend the conference.
All applicants must have a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months until expiry. (except for Kenyan citizens)
All nominations must reach us on or before 5th OCTOBER 2012.
Please NOTE that submitting an application does not mean that you will be selected to participate in the conference. You will be notified if you have been selected or not. When considering candidates for the conference we take into account the following key knowledge, skills, awareness and values:
A commitment to achieving the MDGs.
Leadership experience with innovative ideas;
Desire to contribute in the Post-2015 Development Framework;
Willingness to learn;
Eagerness to lead debate and discussions during the Conference
Commitment to follow-up activities.
Able knowledge of youth issues and able to advocate for them.

The conference organizers will cater for all participants’ accommodation, meals and internal transport during the conference days. Participants are responsible for their own travel costs from their country of origin to Nairobi and we encourage all applicants to start fundraising and seeking sponsorship to cover for this. We are however fundraising and talking to various organizations to sponsor disadvantaged and marginalized young people to enable their participations. More details will be available soon. Kindly indicate in the nomination letter if you need sponsorship or are able to fund yourself.
Participants are responsible for their own personal expenses. Disadvantaged youth, those living with disabilities and from indigenous communities are encouraged to apply and we have reserved 5 slots per region for this category. Join the conversation and contribute in our Facebook page here, follow the conversation in twitter here and post your video messages in our Youtube channel here. Get active and contribute in the consultations. Most active members will increase their chances to be invited to join us in the conference and also participating in other various meeting to represent youth issues. Help us spread the event throughout the youth organizations, networks and platforms that you are part of and join us in this regional effort to bring youth together for a common agenda. If you are not selected to join us in Nairobi, you will still be able to participate in the virtual conference and participate in the Plenaries, raise questions with the facilitators, vote in the debates and take an active part in drafting the declaration.
You can access the application form in conference website:
For applications inquiries, please send an email to
For partnership and general inquiries, email:


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