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Application and Admissions

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Nominate a CandidateRecommend an applicant to the Yale World Fellows Program.

I may have been lost dear superstars, but not sooo lost! 😀 I bloody missed you guys, now, lets waste no time. Have you heard about this? :/

The mission of the Yale World Fellows Program is to cultivate and empower a community of globally engaged leaders committed to positive change through cross-disciplinary dialogue and action.  Admissionto the Program is extremely competitive; we receive several thousand applications for the 14-18 fellowships awarded eachyear.   Using the links to the left, please read this entire section for full information about the application and selection process. To determine if you would be a competitive candidate, carefully review the Eligibility and Selection Criteria as well as the goals of the Program and the biographies of the previous Fellows.  Interested candidates should proceed to the online application. Upon registering for the online application, you will be able to submit your application materials electronically.
The application deadline for the 2013 Program is Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST.

Looking for information on admission and scholarships to attend Yale University? Click here.


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