Call for Papers, Nairobi, Kenya 2013


Second Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference, to be held at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), June 25-29, 2013, Nairobi, Kenya
General conference theme: “Challenges of Development in Africa”
Conference venue: The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) Main Campus, Langata, Nairobi

Stakeholders in Africa have unearthed many challenges to Africa’s quest for development. Many of them have recommended multi-sector approach to tackling some of the obstacles to development, where all sectors need to be involved in planning and executing development goals. There is a realization that all actors are indispensable and there is no one actor who is more important than others. It is for this reason that all sectors, from agriculture, health, education to water, trade, transport, communication and mining need to join hands. Therefore, scholars and development workers are beginning to look at sectoral development as part of a whole and not as separate entities. The Catholic University of Eastern Africa would like to take this opportunity to invite scholars, researchers, academics and students in Africa and elsewhere to submit abstracts or proposals on challenges to development in Africa and better ways of responding to them.

Organized and hosted by the Department of Research and other faculties at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), this 2nd Interdisciplinary International Conference will be held between June 25-29, 2013 at the CUEA Main Campus, Langata, Nairobi, Kenya.
Submission of abstracts: Send abstracts of between 250 and 500 words, including full contact details (title, name, address, email-address, and telephone) as well as institutional affiliation by 30th March, 2013 to Prof. Maurice Amutabi at or

The deadline for submission of full papers is 30th May 2013. Some papers presented at the conference will be selected and published in edited volumes and journals affiliated to CUEA. The conference will consist of ten colloquia organized along themes.

Colloquium 1: Social, Economic and Political Development in Africa
Sub Themes:
a. Energy
b. Water and Development
c. Health and Development
d. Culture and Development
e. Politics and Development
f. Urban and Rural Development
g. Globalization and Development
h. Gender and Development
i. Governance in Africa
j. The language question in Africa
k. Poverty, Deprivation and Vulnerability
l. Women, Empowerment and Development
m. Peace, Conflict and Security issues
n. Refugee Crisis in Africa
o. Social Protection and disaster management in Africa
p. Regional Integration
q. Economic Development
r. Corruption and Kleptocracy
s. Abstracts on any other relevant topic are welcome

Colloquium 2: Management of Resources in Africa
a. Management of Resources in Africa
b. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
c. Commerce and Industry
d. E-Commerce and E-Banking
e. Africa’s ‘Silicon Valleys’ and ‘Industrial Parks’
f. Finance and Development
g. Effective utilization and management of Information
h. Disaster Preparedness and Management
i. Conflict Management
j. Planning and management of natural resources
k. Income Generating Activities
l. The Cooperative movement in Africa
m. Transport
n. Entrepreneurship
o. Trade and regional blocs
p. Abstracts on any other relevant topic are welcome

Colloquium 3: Education and Development in Africa
a. Education, Science and Development
b. Education and Development
c. Funding Education in Africa
d. Higher Education
e. Education for Effective Resource Utilization
f. Education Reforms
g. ICT and E-Learning
h. Open and Distance Education
i. Lifelong Learning
j. Industry, Technology and Education
k. Special Education
l. Technical and/or Vocational Education and Development
m. Globalization and Education
n. Universal Primary Education
o. Education and Poverty Alleviation
p. Abstracts on any other relevant topic are welcome

Colloquium 4: Law, Constitution, Human Rights and Development
a. Law and Natural Resource Management
b. Law and Development
c. Human Rights
d. National Cohesion and Integration
e. Constitutional Reforms in Africa
f. The Judiciary and Corruption
g. ICT and Law
h. Alternative Legal Structures
i. Environmental Law
j. Law and Research
k. Legal Education
l. Civic Education
m. Public Defenders in Africa
n. Legal Training in Africa
o. Law and Stakeholders
p. Abstracts on any other relevant topic are welcome

Colloquium 5: Science, Technology and Development in Africa
a. Science and Natural Resource Management
b. Science, Technology and Development
c. Agriculture, livestock and fisheries
d. Training in Science and Technology
e. Research in Science and Technology
f. Industry and University Collaboration
g. Research and Development (R&D)
h. Patents and Trademarks
i. Science, Technology and Environment
j. ICT and Science and Technology
k. Science and Gender
l. Women and Science
m. Science, Children and Youth
n. Health and Medicine
o. Improved Technologies for Sustainable Development
p. Abstracts on any other relevant topic are welcome

Colloquium 6: The Church, NGOs and CBOs in Development
a. The Church and Natural Resource Management
b. The Church and Development
c. The Church and the State
d. The Philosophy of Development
e. Theology and Moral Development
f. Development with a Human Face
g. Faith-Based NGOs and Development
h. Religious Institutions and Development
i. Religion and Sustainable Development
j. Controversial Technologies and the Church
k. Population Control and the Church
l. Community Participation in Development
m. The Church and the Grassroots
n. Religion and Environmental Issues
o. Religion and Gender
p. Abstracts on any other relevant topic are welcome

Colloquium 7: Peace, Conflict and Development in Africa
a. Peace in the Great Lakes Region
b. Conflicts in Africa
c. War and Violence
d. Human Rights
e. Peace Education
f. Conflict management
g. Refugees in Africa
h. Ethical Issues in Development
i. Leadership and Governance
j. Corruption in Africa
k. Regional Bodies and peace in Africa
l. Cold Peace and Warm Peace in Africa
m. Failed and near-failed states in Africa
n. Abstracts on any other relevant topic are welcome

Colloquium 8: Library, Information and Communication Technology
a) Challenges of Information and Communication Technology in Africa
b) Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Development
c) Disseminations and publication
d) Library resources
e) E-Library/Virtual library
f) E- books/E-Journals
g) Internet Research
h. Communication and Journalism
h) Databases

Colloquium 9: Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Research in Africa
a. Indigenous Knowledge and Development
b. Globalization and Development
c. Gender and Development
d. Sustainable Development
e. Aid and Sectoral Development
f. New Paradigms of Development
g. Minority Groups and Tensions
h. Interdisciplinary Research
i. Management of Change
j. Entrepreneurship and Development
k. Gender and Development
l. Integrated Rural Urban Development
m. Environment and Development Scientific Research
n. Social and Economic Research
o. Research Regimes
p. Abstracts on any other relevant topic are welcome

Colloquium 10: Roundtables, independent panels and prominent scholars
a. Open for any panels or roundtables
b. Any relevant topic

Registration Fees
Staff and students from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) and affiliate campuses and universities KShs.2,500.00
Staff and srudents from other universities in Kenya KShs.5,000.00
Staff from East African Universities and Organizations KShs.5,000.00
Rest of Africa US$ 100.00
Rest of the World – Europe, Niorth America, Asia, etc US$ 120.00
Registration fee payments to: The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (Attn: 2nd Annual International Conference)

Prof. Maurice N. Amutabi, Convenor
The Catholic University of Eastern Africa
P.O BOX 62157-00200 CITY SQUARE
Tel: 254-020-891601-6 ext 2207
E-mail: or


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