Why Uganda’s Forum For Democratic Change Could Have Unearthed A New Paul Kagame In General Mugisha Muntu

_DSC0074_250108564 Now, first, I will warn whoever is reading this article that Iam not a fan of simple politics-I believe in factual, evidence-based action politics. I just find it 110% unethical for a real man (women are inclusive in here too) to stand up, on his 2 precious God-designed legs, in broad-day light, worse still in front of other real men, and state that he will kill a lion with a stone. 2 days, 5 years, 10+ years, he hasnt killed the lion. For sure, I know (with concentrated due respect to the christians, they are waiting for Jesus to come back no? But for 2000 years, the gentle man isnt here yet, is he? But atleast, they have HOPE! Uganda (Le perle d’Afrique) through the Forum for Democratic Change may have found one of those men who live by their word, whose integrity level is unrivalled except by angels, and whose desire to change a situation is reflected by his actions.

Yesterday 19th November 2012 was the first ever FDC presidential live debate in Uganda. The event hosted by a local TV channel called WBS TV was attended to by over 240 members drawn from the parliament and the public. The event started with a national anthem, and as usual, I stood straight and sang the national anthem infront of the television in my office! #TalkaboutPatriotism 😀 Then the FDC presidential candidates Mr Muntu, Mr Ekanya & Mr Mafabi all had time to make an impression of what they are made of. Each candidate was given equal time, equal number of questions as the rest and needless to say, the order of the presentations from each candidate was selected by a probability test! hahaha..so now, there you go, biostatistics and epidemiology at work! 😛

Ok..so, i dont know how many of you have heard about Mr Kagame-he is my president. Some people refer to him as some form of a dictator, but I dont understand one spoon-ful of this merdi! Is a dictator characterised by his ability to directly make a change? Must he buy time to make a decision? Is a dictator the guy who will tell you that Rwandans will define the present and future of Rwanda? Is a dictator a person whose administration holds no care to corrupt officials even when they are his brothers and inlaws? I thought that a dictator wouldnt have a proven record of integrity regarding economic situation of a country no? A dictator usually puts 15%+ of the national budget to security of the country year in, year out! When I was still young, no one ever wanted to go to Rwanda! To do what? The country was of course insecure, characterised by poverty, hopelessness, massive killings and raping of women, trade was technically impossible to conduct, education was its apex-of-death, health  system was, lets say, dead completely! But then, Mr Kagame came! Oh boy…he put in place a self-accountable management structure that is considered to be the strongest in Africa! This literally means, that if he leaves power, this structure is enough to build from itself! Then, he got a strong, young, zealous, qualified, integrity-filled, and dedicated team of professionals and gave them top assignments in top fields of power. The he had the community initiatives to have a strong basement! I will give you a simple example of road safety and the community! Only in Rwanda will you be arrested by a Rwandan citizen for driving drunk, speeding or recklessly driving! I’ve never seen this! Never in the African Countries I have visited-and they are many! 🙂 Thats what we call ‘Community Empowerment’. You look back at my country #Uganda and you wonder whether we needed a magic stick to do this!

Every body knows about Corruption scandals we have had in Uganda! If you havent heard, then now you know. Aid tubes to Uganda have been cut off from top donors from Sweden, Denmark, USA and Norway! Somehow, I blame the Donor community for being alittle stupid (and am not apologizing for that)! In 2001, the opposition party in Uganda called for all donors to evaluate their funding strategy and change it because it wasnt benefitting the common man! They-the donors thought it was bullshit! At this time, they are putting on their pants and saying.lalalalalalalala……we are surrounded by thieves! we have done no Impact! Then, there is my President Mr. Museveni (1986-2000). Thats the man, who gave no shit! He was our messiah. Everytime I could hear him speak, I’d be like, yes…thats my president! His words were atleast representing his actions. When he said, there would be UPE, he delivered, he said he would work on the stated roads, he delivered, he said he would construct more health centres, he delivered..that was my man. Now, power changed and then came another leader Mr. Museveni (2000-to date), this is a more tolerant leader. He is a complacent one. He eats at the same table with sinners (possibly emulating Jesus christ) but he doesnt tell them face to face to repent. Instead, he sends his spokes person to do so.

Uganda isnt a poor country, no way! We have been relying on external Aid which has gone to the corrupt officials. The taxes my father paid, were used to buying limos and soon #iPads for MPs. You wanna tell me, if i can afford to buy an iPad, an MP cant afford one? #PoorResourceAllocation! Uganda hasnt gat health economists-I guess! haha When I look at all this, I can make only one conclusion, we need a real leader like President Kagame. A person who has the ability to stand up and say No when its a No, and a Yes when its a Yes and more importantly, without putting on sunglasses because you wanna look at him and believe what he’s saying!

An agenda of General Muntu is very inspirational! I see that he made Education, health and strong structures coupled by youth power to make a difference. Can he make a difference with that? Only if Muntu decides to sit on the table of thieves and tells them to leave the table will he achieve that. If he continues saying, I smell thieves here, and just talking, nothing different will happen! For that am sure! We have the experience. At a personal level, I think also, the Mr Museveni of 1986-2000 had personal values which made him stand out! But his inability to hold his values and spread them to the rest of his team makes him a bad manager in an institution. I know that Mr Museveni is a very smart man in a number of speeches he has delivered, but as we a ll know, that aint enough! Action is what every one is waiting for. From the 3 FDC party presidential candidates, general Muntu seems to be that guy whose personal values and integrity are unrivalled! Best of luck to all candidates..the voting process already started. Oh, and one last note, I dont wanna have some masked guys on my door asking who I support! I voted for Mr Museveni of 1986-2000! Thats my president! I wanna see that president stand up! :/


© Brian Kanaahe Mwebaze Bilal is a public health freak and Never a politician. His views in here don’t represent those of his employers. Not at all


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