Hello 2013! Moving to the African Union

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Ok..so, this is officially my first personal blog-post for 2013! Booom!!!!! I have however, been posting stuff over the blog and am really pleased (read flattered) by your insightful feedback!. A number of you from all over the globe seem to be interested in my public health Sh*t (atleast thats what young people tell me LOL).

Time really flies very fast, doesnt it? My superstar Manpreet Darroch however tells me that ‘Iam the pilot for my life”>>>so, thats more inspirational. Literally, at 26, Iam not soooo late to chew a candy 😉 Speaking of that, Iam reminded my JayZ fet Mr Hudson ‘For ever young’, but hold up…that kind of thinking can get me into trouble. Bloody hell, am not young..I have never taken myself to be ‘young’….and thats why Iam making seemingly my biggest decision of my life..which is… 😦

I have been appointed as HIV/AIDS, TB & Malaria Freak for the African Union under its Youth Division. According to the contract, Iam supposed to be based in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and for the next 12 months, I will be responsible for capacity building, advocacy, M&E at continental level in the fields talked about. Ok, that takes me from technically all the Red Cross Work and University Lecturing. I have been a Red Cross member since I was 11..in fact, I’d not had my first wet dream 😛 Pardon my language here but you must respect the fact that Iam a certified Reproductive Health- Public Health Freak, so, no offense really 😉 I have been teaching at University since Early 2011 and that period has seen me set a University record in Uganda:- I became the Country’s youngest Full time Public Health lecturer at 24 yrs 2 months, 3 days! 🙂

Prior to accepting this position, the African Union, flew carefully selected 25 young African professionals to Porto Novo, Benin and for 2 weeks gave us a serious orientation into the African Union and our respective fields of interests. While there, i connected up with like-minded superstars and clearly, i could see that Africa’s future and present can be best defined by the potential in its young population. From lawyers..to public health freaks..doctors..engineers..etc, Africa is not to be messed up with 🙂 While in Porto Novo, I appreciated the African Union philosophy of ‘Solving Africa’s challanges by Africans’..and to be honest, thats why Iam leaving a number of activities and joining up with the AU for this cause 🙂

This is going to be another experience living outside my home country following UNAIDS-Zambia (2005), Danish Red Cross-Copenhagen (2009) & Malmo C- Sweden. I may have had my own doubts whether am making a good decision, but Iam now 110% convinced that I have to work towards my dreams, si non, some one will do so for me, ofcourse as a 2nd hand option. Like Dr Kwame said ‘Iam not African because was born in Africa, but rather because Africa was born in me’. For the next 2 weeks, Iam gonna be preparing for my temporal exit out of Uganda to Ethiopia (where I have some origins too, but thats another story to talk about) 😉

This should be your inspirational song for 2013:

Stay safe

© Brian Kanaahe M.Bilal 2013



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