Call for Abstracts on Family Planning



Submission Deadline:  May 1, 2013

The Conference organizers invite abstracts on cutting edge research and program results directed at enabling individuals in the world, especially in low-income areas, to achieve their contraceptive and reproductive intentions.  Of particular interest are abstracts on research demonstrating how family planning benefits and advances the health and wealth of people and nations and on high impact or best practices of family planning programs and service delivery models. Abstracts using strong scientific/evaluation methods will be given priority in the review and acceptance process.

Pre-formed panels may be submitted for review.  These will include no more than four (4) abstracts, thematically integrated with each abstract based on work carried out by separate organizations.

To submit abstracts please visit the 2013 International Conference on Family Planning Website, We encourage you to submit via the website, but If you are unable to submit online please complete a cover form and email with your abstract to

Call for Abstracts

Call for Preformed Panels

Cover Form for Abstract Submissions

Cover Form for Preformed Panel submission

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Thank you,

The 2013 International Conference on Family Planning Organizers

Note: Am not affiliated to the organisers. So, please consult with them directly in case you need more information.


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