My Month For Another Complete Metamorphosis Is Here!

After spending exactly 24 hours travelling and finally finishing up my understanding of the VSO team in Uganda, I carefully hurled myself to East Africa’s Most hated city’s bus park on my way to Mbarara, Uganda! Yes…how it feels to be back home again…play for me that song, by Chris Daughtry, ‘Home’ lol. I slept like a sac of beans, but got interrupted by some fluid- which I confirmed to be blood coming from my, when that happens, then its a good thing! 😛 It may sound crazy, but for me, its a good sign that I have been working hard enough and my next few days should be spend chillaxiiiiing-thats how we call it, yes? 😦

I find myself at the edge of making some important decisions concerning my career (and not relationships lol 😛 )…Clearly, I have a confirmed assignment with the African Union, and VSO seems to be allechant, en fait, tres tentant and the decision seems to be on the positive side-of-history. Iam only holding out for a one-clause from the Red Cross family before undergoing a complete metamorphosis. 😛

March has come along with mon intrisique invie de changer completement from the person, you used to see in the supermarket. Its my chance to make a decision concerning my professionalism…because my definition of a ‘professional’ is one whose multi-faceted skills and experience can stand the pressure of the changing climates of the job market’<<<<So, now, I need to World Banks Advisor I guess…ha-ha! :O But, the earlier, especially, young people put themselves at risk of having multiple skills and experiences, the higher is the risk that they will not be un employed. This is directly proportional to the odds ratio of being involved in making meaningful contributions to solving the biggest problems faced by my country-Africa which are poverty, health, education….we can also add, ‘lies’ on the list 😀

So, while, my parents and friends (no, I mean acquaintances) my say, ‘Look Brian, you need to chillax, you already have a stable job…settle down, get married, have children, buy an expensive car etc..’..bloody hell, i can do all this…but I want more than that! What is the impact of me driving an expensive car on the life of the world’s poor? I kow, Iam not a fan of politics, but I believe in my fathers words, Barack Obama…when he talks about ‘Every one having an opportunity to exercise their potential…’ exactly!…like my superstar M,Ghandi said, ‘there is alot of resources on this planet for the population’ but the questions of equity remained deeply rooted in the stone-hard hearts of me whose inhumane desires have made them to gourmandise! lol…ok, hands up!

Albert Einstein may not have been the only scientist good enough to state that E=mc2…but he had a chance, an opportunity to develop up his brain…I believe that, there’re soo many Albert Eisteins and Brian Kanaahes lurking in the shadows, waiting for light to be flashed on them. And I believe, that I can be that light…but first, i’d have to realise that I have the necessary intensity of light, the energy, the right angle of projection and the reaction sphere that I need…so, let March madness commence! Allons-y!

Let your month lighten up too! 🙂

© Brian KMBilal


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