Lancet – Childhood Pneumonia and Diarrhea

Cool information on communicable and non communicable disease burden! 🙂 Its a shame that we are still debating on obvious issues concerning resource allocation. Besides, them politicians and key decision makers are not directly affected by these, especially children penuemonia and diarrhoea. They are the diseases of the poor, and so, because of our sick mathematical calculation of #healthequity, the poor continue to successfully die young! 😦

Sanitation Updates

Articles in this series can be downloaded at no charge, but registration is required:

Childhood Pneumonia and Diarrhea. Lancet, April 12, 2013


The Lancet Series on Childhood Pneumonia and Diarrhoea, led by Aga Khan University, Pakistan, provides evidence for integrated control efforts for childhood pneumonia and diarrhoea. The first paper assesses the global burden of these two illnesses, comparing and contrasting them, and includes new estimates of severe disease and updated mortality estimates for 2011. Findings from the second paper show that a set of highly cost-effective interventions can prevent most diarrhoea deaths and nearly two thirds of pneumonia deaths by 2025, if delivered at scale. Furthermore, the paper estimates what the cost of scale up will be. The third paper presents the results of consultations with several hundred frontline workers in high-burden countries and explores the barriers and enablers they face in dealing with these two diseases…

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