Disaster Risk Assessment Exercise & My Awesomely Cool Team Of #Humanitarians

And we are getting deeper, I mean like really deep into the heart of the disaster #KaseseFloods operation! Smile I mean, when the Office of the Prime Minister of Uganda, commissions all humanitarian agencies operating in Kasese district to conduct a rapid assessment of the disaster in bordering districts like, FortPortal, Ntoroko and Bundibugyo…you just have to have the balls! Smile with tongue out

To get into the heart of things, the OPM, Local governement officials (including CAO, ACAOs, DHO, DDMC, Planners etc from Kasese, Bundibugyo and Ntoroko) seem to have found new love and solidarity thanks to this disaster. Its on such platforms that reminds me of my classes in public private partnerships, multisectoral approach in health, and human dignity training I had with the World Youth Alliance under the Track A training! :-I never wasted time! Smile

Today, we visited 2 subcounties in Fort Portal and clearly one can see the need to develop and strengthen community based disaster management comittees. We’ve always said that, all programes and interventions must involve communities in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the same programmes. I feel very proud to see a lot of my former ‘theories’ currently being put to test. Smile

I will not also forget to write about the ‘fun’ of fellow humanitarian workers. These guys can be very funny! one needs humour I guess to, may be suppress the stress that one goes in when responding to many of these emmergencies.



There are 2 silly jokes, so far I just came to learn from my team. So, FortPortal is the cleanest town so far in Uganda, but why? Apparently, its because, the type of business is so clean that it doesn’t dirten the city! )If you know what I mean! LMAO). Then, I also added a new word to my vocabulary: ‘Economic Anger’;;;;that awesome time after an assignment when you really want to buy all  the drinks for your mates on the team! Man, I love this show!

Tomorrow, its Ntoroko, very close to L. Albert


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