Change of Dream To Next #WHODirectorGeneral

Always dreaming!!!!!!!!!! Bloody hell, Iam, I always do, in fact, Iam dreaming right now. I think (and I may be wrong,) but this is my time to dream, I mean, like, really dreaming! Dreaming BIG! My younger brother, Kanaahe IV always tells me, ‘If you ever eat shit, eat a lot of SHIT’ so that you don’t regret! LOL Smile with tongue out

Screenshot (20h 35m 13s)This month, brought me yet another eye opener! All months are always interesting to me:- a reason why I need to thank the African gods. Not many people have their gods close to them all the time. Sometimes, the gods could have taken a nap, or just ‘went out’ if you know what I mean Winking smile This month started with my new appointment: Hold up! I mean, OFFICIELEMENT, the Programmes Manager for Community Based Health Care and First Aid programmes of the prestigeous Uganda Red Cross Society (Check ). Now, this aint no joke: Not only does it mean that, my time for football has been cut by a half, but also because, Officially: the Uganda Red Cross owns me! That’s affirmative ladies and gentlemen, and my sincere apologies to my parentsSad smile<<Your son is OLD now (or is he?) In the heat of the moment, I was summoned to support the Uganda Red Cross in responding to Kasese Floods Mission, in South Western Uganda where a record 25000 people were affected. Now, Iam not the PRO, please tweet her @UgandaRedCross to get correct figures and updates. While there, I witnessed once again, how small changes can easily make a difference! Simple things ranging from, ensuring meetings of Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Groups, to giving a Red Cross arm band to a field first aider…all this needs to be involved in the gist of things!




Screenshot (20h 30m 30s)Also, I wouldn’t for any gold in the world miss the UN Youth Envoy Mr #Alhendawi’s first ever google hangout! I caught this live from the field in the heart of Ntoroko-a close district to Lake Albert! Thanks to technlogy, I could participate and well, needless to mention, I was the first to have my tweet read and aswered by the Youth Envoy!

Did you miss our first Google+ Hangout under the theme “ONE UN: Uniting for Youth?”? Do you want to learn more about the UN plans to work with and for youth? You can watch the video here:







Then, I also got another chance to be a student, this time with VSO! For a long 1 week, I was in Kampala, Uganda to understand the philosophy of VSO, as well as support and encourage volunteerism by putting people first! Smile While, I’d thought that I knew quite a lot about monitoring and evaluation, I coiled my tail and concentrated: and I swear, in the name of my earthly father, that I found it interesting! Open-mouthed smile Smile with tongue out In summary, I wont say, that Iam satisfied with myself, but more and more, I realise that Iam not the ideal political guy! Its on the same basements that I henceforth divorce the Dream of being the Next UN Secretary General to the NEXT WHO DIRECTOR GENERAL! Smile with tongue out That’s more confortable, besides, I have been at the WHO Hqtrs in Geneva, and let me just say that, I loved them! Open-mouthed smile Lets see what next week brings!

Stay Safe…Inshallah



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  1. Would you please give me your opinions regarding the difference between red cross and vso interms of their goal.
    Are all vso of different countries under the same umbrella .

    Insha allah you will respond me.

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