Stretching…or How I’m Trying to Stay Injury-Free

My Healthy Fitness Journey

Now that I’ve officially signed up for the BAA 10K and for the Freedom Run 5K (which is this weekend), Matt and I have been running 3x/week. We started out last month running one mile stretches and now we’re currently running three miles continuously without walking, which is a HUGE accomplishment for me since I’ve never been able to do that before. Granted it takes me about 37 minutes to do, but hey, you have to start somewhere! We’ve butt heads over one thing:

Stretching. When do you do it? How long do you do it? What stretches do you do?

Matt is of the mind that you stretch before AND after you work out for about 15-20 minutes each go.

I always thought you stretch after you work out and that you make sure you warm up your muscles before you work out. He’s stretched before and after every run we’ve…

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