When are employers responsible for accidents at work?

Law is the Key

Accidents are, unfortunately, a part of life; you might spill some milk, drop a glass, and stub your toe before you’ve even had breakfast on any given morning! Fortunately these are all minor accidents and nobody gets seriously hurt, however some accidents can have serious implications. Many workplaces, for example, can be very dangerous without the correct training, safety equipment or operating procedures.


Who’s responsible for accidents at work?

Accident claims seem to have become a common trend over the last couple of years, with every Tom, Dick and Harry trying to claim compensation for any mishaps at work. Sadly, this attitude has damaged the seriousness of this system with people seeing it as ‘free money’ and trying to ‘play the system’.

Compensation claims are designed to financially support you if you are physically injured at work due to negligence by your employer which renders you unable to work…

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