Call for Abstracts International Conference On Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (MNCH) In Africa, August Johannesburg, South Africa


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Johannesburg, South Africa

1 – 3 August, 2013                                                                                                


Call for abstracts opens:   21th June 2013

Abstract submission closes:        12th July 2013

Authors notified of results: 17th July 2013


The African Union Commission in collaboration with the Government of the Republic of South Africa invites the submission of abstracts for its inaugural International Conference on Maternal, New-born and Child Health in Africa to be held in August 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Abstracts are invited on original research, innovative programmes and professional practices, theoretical and conceptual advances, and professional issues relating to Maternal, New-born and Child Health, including, but not limited to:

  1. Service Delivery – Improving quality, access, availability and acceptability of essential MNCH services
  2. Child Health
  3. Gender issues influencing MNCH
  4. Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission (EMTCT)
  5. Unsafe abortion and maternal mortality
  6. Family Planning
  7. Newborn Health
  8. Nutrition Security
  9. Integration of HIV/SRH and other services
  10. Maternal health policy at the national level: Progress and Challenges
  11. Civil Society and MNCH
  12. National Health Insurance Schemes
  13. Monitoring and Evaluation
  14. Institutionalized Mortality Audits/Reviews
  15. Investing in Youth and Adolescent Health
  16. Rights-based programming for MNCH
  17. Community Engagement for MNCH
  18. Culture; Male Involvement and MNCH


Submitted abstracts must represent original works (published or unpublished). They should emphasize completed work rather than intended work, and should indicate clearly the state of completion of the reported results. Nevertheless, submitted abstracts of partially published works with new findings or works-in-progress in relevant emerging research topics are also welcome. An abstract accepted for presentation at the conference may be presented or have been presented at any other conference with publicly available published proceedings. The abstract should be as informative as possible and structured as follows:

  1. Research abstracts should include:
    • Introduction
    • Objectives
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusion
    • Contribution to the practice/evidence base of MNCH
  1. Non-research abstracts should include:
    • Introduction
    • Objectives
    • Description/Report
    • Results/Discussion
    • Conclusion
    • Contribution to the practice/evidence base MNCH

Abstract Submission

  1. Abstracts can only be submitted online. Emailed, faxed or hard copy submissions will NOT be accepted.
  2. Authors can submit their abstracts in English or French
  3. The author is responsible for the accuracy of the abstract.
  4. Accepted abstracts are entitled to be presented at the International Conference on Maternal, New-born and Child Health in Africa in August 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Those whose abstracts are accepted will be notified and asked to confirm their participation.
  5. Abstract can be presented orally or as a poster
  6. Abstract text should be Arial font 12 and should not exceed 250 words (excluding title) for any categories of presentation.
  7. By submitting this abstract, you together with any co-authors, give permission for the abstract (if selected for inclusion in the conference programme) to be used as may be deemed necessary by the AUC
  8. Submission of an abstract indicates that the abstract has been approved by all authors.
  9. Accepted abstracts will be presented by an author. The head author will notify the conference organizing committee if the presenting author changes, or if the abstract is unable to be presented.
  10. Click Here to Submit your Abstract


Review Guidelines

The reviewing of the abstracts will be managed by a conference committee consisting of subject area specialists. All submitted abstracts will go through a rigorous review process with the following review criteria inter alia:

  1. Relevance to the conference
  2. MNCH impact
  3. Language quality (grammar, dictions, etc.)


Travel Sponsorships

A limited number of travel sponsorships will be awarded to selected presenters. Upon selection, such presenters will be notified and requested to provide necessary information to facilitate their travel arrangements.


Presentation Preparation

  1. Oral Presentation

Oral presenters will be given a 20min slot (15 min presentation + 5 min question)


  1. Poster Presentation

The ideal poster size should be max. 1.2M (120 cm) high x 0.8M (80 cm) wide.


For more information please contact:

Robert Ndieka

Department of Social Affairs

African Union Commission


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