The Scare –Them Approach Wont Scare-Them Young People: Another Laughable Experience From #TheFreak


So, honestly, I had to write this one down for all of you superstars. First things first! I hope you are having an interesting Sunday …and bloody hell, you better get that to the maximum because OMG, Monday is back tomorrow:-the simple mention of that word gets you those bumpy movements up and down your spine! I know! J Get used to it, and move your lazy ‘A’ straight into your dressing room and start preparing your clothes for tomorrow. Be professional and Good luck J

Back to me, Iam glued on my unchangeable schedule in Mukono district where Iam with the Uganda Red Cross supporting in training local community members in basic prehospital care skills, as well as infection control. As usual, and Iam always very excited to state, that young people, today were part of this budget of training. Everything seemed to be the normal routine until, we went for break tea.

A twenty something fella correctly observed that I didn’t take sugar crystals along in my cup, as I just run the hot water in my 3 litre cup (I don’t take small tea in small tea cups like the Chinese) with tea leaves upon which he promptly and politely asks,

‘Sir, why don’t you take sugar?

Upon which I replied…

‘Son, this sugar you take will reduce the strength of your erection when you clock around 45 years’

The fella replied,

‘Hahahaha…Nope, it wont, because then, I will be too old to need it’

Upon which we laughed at it, for quite long:-but I couldn’t give the kid more explanation, as we were soon heading into the next session. But I couldn’t really concentrate in the session:- this guy had a point. No?

I looked back to the taboos against young people talking about their sexual and reproductive health:- y’all know what the hell Iam trying to say? By default, all the talk is FORBIDDEN, or looked at to be EVIL in the local communities compared to urban communities. As a result, young people learn usually, wrong facts from their immediate peers, the press, media and movies.

The conversation I just had with this guy re-echoes the need for young people to access and utilize comprehensive, factual information  services and not just bits. There is still a lot of information and service access and utilization potholes in our service delivery. May be, if the guy had been informed about the predisposing factors to diabetes and its underlying effects, Iam sure, he’d’ve understood my behaviourally-induced methodology of quiting table sugar. I’ve successfully now, spent 8 years off table sugar! 😛 But that, doesn’t guarantee my erection strength well close or above 45 because there’re other factors to consider, all embedded in the health field concept.

Scaring them? Clearly, it doesn’t work…hmmm…let me go for my sports schedule. Till next post: #StaySafe #Respect

© Brian Kanaahe M.Bilal

Disclaimer: Views in here don’t reflect any of my current and future employer(s). They are solely my views.


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