Why laugh when we talk about shit? Its of public health significance no?














(Explanations Smile From L-R

1)One of my most loved photos! Haha..Finally got a picture with the cool Rwanda Minister for environment, water and energy! yeah! Open-mouthed smile

2) Modeling for WASH UNITED! Open-mouthed smile

3) Arriving for the Africasan3 conference in Kigali with Jean (Burundi) & Modrine (Kenya)

And it gets to the part I always enjoy the most! Booom! Its 2 days into the heart of the National Disaster Response Team training being run simultaneously by the biggest humanitarian organisation in Uganda (no need for introduction-Uganda Red Cross) and the International Federation of the Red Cross & Red Crescent Movement! And it couldn’t get any sexier! That’s correct! Because we were talking shitty-the whole of today!!!! 😀

I know, look, your mother may have warned you against the use of the ‘SHIT’ word, but I’ve no single problem in telling you (as your superstar) to over use it! Lets see, why…Sanitation in emergencies inevitably covers:

· Excreta disposal

· Solid waste management

· Waste water management

· Vector control

· Menstrual hygiene (always left out)

The audience were really amused when one of the facilitators whose names wont appear here for confidentiality reasons, clearly begun the session with a trademark call

‘Colleagues, this session involves me talking shit, until we get to understanding of management of shit in shitty situations’!!!!!!!

Ah…Iam sure, human wastes isn’t something you would want to talk about especially when chicken thighs are disappearing down your throat, but its factual to state that, the same chicken thighs will soon be causing traffic jam in your rectum in 5 hours time. And if there’re aint clear conditions as to their disposal, we can be guaranteed of the insecurity that our shit is gonna cause to ourselves and our environments.

As for my side, I just kept myself onto the edge of my seat, as the superstar went through the theoretical considerations to ensuring safe disposal of shit in emergencies.This whole training continues to remind me of the long time (before you were born) when I was working as a youth advisor and steering committee youth member to the African Ministerial Council on Water (AMCOW) in 2010/2011 season. While in Rwanda for the 3rd African Conference on Water, I was particulary impressed with participants from WASH United, and the then Minister for Energy whose emphasis on calling human excreta –SHIT in order to create the much attention that it deserves. Do I agree with them? Holy SHIT! Yes! In public health risk communication, you must communicate exactly what you want to mean (as used in that community of focus), and there couldn’t be a more realistic word than SHIT!!!!!!! 😛 I cant wait for the practical session tomorrow on hands on practice over handling real SHIT!


Brian Kanaahe M.Bilal

Disclaimer: Views expressed here in do not represent those of my current and future employer(s). They are solely my views


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