#27thBD Spent Constructing Water Treatment Sites, General Community Sanitation & Management Of Shit in Emmergencies



(Inset, Myself with a colleague assembling and learning about water treatment and supply skills in emmergencies)

I cautioned you already about using the Shit word….but yeah, we all like it Smile with tongue out

Ok…it’s a bloody (read damn good) new month…and its August! My magical year, which the Francophone people call août : and well, its also that time when Iam reminded that my time on this planet is getting closer to the focal point! Open-mouthed smile. My sincere appreciations to every one who had the balls to right a ‘Happy BD’ message on my facebook and twitter pages! Smile It seems to me, well, considering that I didn’t get any physical ‘gift’ from you superstars, that, social media will soon be a platform to announce the ‘Return of Jesus’ to planet Earth. With over 1,000 messages from social media sites, Jesus wouldn’t think twice about creating His own facebook page:? haha…that’s a joke ofcourse:- Before I was expelt from one of the prominent catholique seminary schools in Uganda, I was brought to understanding that ‘God is Omnipresent..omni-all’ so, definitely, He is the superstar and He controls social media…lets cut the crap…

As I started the new month very well immersed in the National Disaster Response Team of the biggest humanitarian organisation in Uganda, it occurred to me, that my 27th Birth Day was on the door! Open-mouthed smile Well, lets see, #Club27 is the most amazing age peak of any human being: Starting with Footballers-if you arent an established soccer player by this age, then you need a new career immediatement: I’d advise one to venture into #Cartoonsgraphics. If you are an academic oriented guy, and you havent set your eyes on what you really wanna do with your life by this age peak, then, I’d advise you to join the army (if they can take you)…because this is the age-peak-of-maturation. So, that’s why before that day, I asked my immediate supervisor (who had asked to show myself for work on Monday) for a day off: Gladly He accepted..thank God for him! (Talk about Real-Leaders) Smile…and the whole weekend, including this Monday wasn’t spent in a night club with strippers and liquor everywhere, but rather in a quite little place (I don’t wanna talk about it because you gonna be jealouse) thinking about, nothing but,

‘All the good things I have done since childhood and the bad things I intend to do from now and henceforth’

And that might have you already scratching your head, but don’t get me wrong. This is what is called ‘Outcome and Impact evaluation’. As far young as 8yrs, I remember telling my mother that I’d be the best son and make her proud. When I promised my father in 2002 that I would be the best kid in the district for Ordinary Level Examinations (and I got that right), I wasn’t kidding …my point, still, is, and shall remain, that we ought to make real-plans, and work really, towards them. The current generation of my time is rather too lucky…according to the most knowledgeable man, I’ve ever met (my father ofcourse), schools and universities are a stone-throws distance, there is ready market for all goods (including physical, chemical and biological goods) Smile with tongue out…health services are available, more accessible than that time when he was a teen. Technology has gone too far…and when he examplifies that with the fact that for every 5 Ugandans, 4 have mobile phones, its far imagination. I’ve spent my early days of this #27Club asking, and asking myself…

  1. Have we lived to the tempo of our fore fathers, atleast for now? When I read, “Dreams from my father’ by Barrack Obama, the catch phrase of ‘…becomes development only when we achieve sort the mess that our fore fathers created…’ gets me spinning.
  2. Is it right that we can keep the statusquo? Last month, a certain group of young people (where I’s serving as a member) affiliated to the World Health Organisation was dissolved (I wont give details ofcourse) on grounds that we ‘had gone far too far’ when we demanded for an explanation as to why we were not being feedback and work plans. Hahaha….that reminded me, that while you may be terribly motivated to make your mark, another goon somwhere is saying..’That’s Impossible’. Oh, and by the way, I will demand for an explanation soon enough…

Whatever the outcomes, we can be sure of one thing…personal accountability…I can see that, the only bad things I intend to do, will be based on the philosphy of ‘Atleast, I tried…’ So when I signout with the trademark hash tag #NextWHODirectorGeneral, then Iam as serious as hell, no BS stuff.

Until next time, #Happy27…and #StaySafe

Brian Kanaahe M.Bilal

Disclaimer: All views here in this post do not represent those of my current and or future employers. They are solely mine.


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