The Consultant will help the Cross Practice Unit in the development of a new project document of Youth in the areas of civic education representation, enhancing youth participation throughout the electoral cycle and in civil society organizations, foster youth political participation, and creation of sustainable employment for youth with focus on the implementation of National Youth Policy and also the empowerment and participation of Youth at national and sub-national level. This will be a UNDP leading youth project in Afghanistan which will be in line with the National Youth Policy in Afghanistan as well as UNDP Global Youth Strategy. Throughout the consultation process with key stakeholders and partners apart from the discussions and findings, it is important to ensure the following key areas are well considered and focused in the project document such as:

  • Mobilization, Networking and Capacity Development of youth in the area civic responsibilities, employment and active political representation to take part in the development process;

  • Participation and inclusion of youth in decision making process at the national, provincial and community level

  • Strengthening meaningful participation and role of Afghan youth in the Post-2015 Development agenda in decision making and also engagement of Afghan youth in the consultation and implementation process;

  • Ensuring that the Prodoc is in line with and underpin the 6 thematic strategies of UNDP (Rule of Law, National Governance, Gender, Capacity Development, Poverty and Environment, & Sub-National Governance and Development);

  • Response to GoIRA National Youth Policy in the operationalization of the areas of Participation and Capacity Development.

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