NEW @WHO @UNAIDS Programming tool on Violence against Women and HIV/AIDS

For your information superstars 🙂 Message from my superstar Avni
Avni Amin, Ph.D: Department of Reproductive Health and Research: World Health Organization1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland

Dear colleagues and friends:

On the occasion of the International Day on Elimination of Violence Against
Women  (25th November) and the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence
(25 November-10 December), WHO/RHR has launched a new programming tool: *“16
ideas for addressing violence against women in the context of the HIV
epidemic”*.  The tool provides evidence-based summaries for programming
that seeks to foster change in the following areas:

   – empowerment of women;
   – transforming gender norms;
   – integrating violence against women and HIV services; and
   – promoting laws and policies on violence against women, gender equality
   and HIV.

For more information about the tool, click here:

Also, the data on the global and  regional prevalence estimates of intimate
partner violence and non-partner sexual violence published in June are now
available on the Global Health Observatory (GHO). See
the GHO.

We hope that this tool will be useful to you in your work and request you
to disseminate it widely to your networks. We are pleased to continue our
collaboration with you in various ways on strengthening the work on
violence against women and look forward to working with you closely in the

Best wishes


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