Week 1: Struggling Against Odds To Keep #FocusedOnMyDreams


Its already 2014 and a week has just gone to sleep and for goodness sake, I must my butt aloof of some thingamy that might put it at the wrath of the mean-tackling lawyer:- Her name is FEAR! Madame 2014 comes along with my a freshly prepared plate to quench my unquenchable hunger for realising my dreams ever since I were that 5 year old small boy who ‘refused’ to study primary 1 on grounds, that it was for kids! Rire

After having a much-needed family-togetherness during the xmas period in #Rukungiri district, I headed back to my second home, and well, duty station #Mbarara district to continue doing what I like to do best! >>> #Programming for #RoadSafety #FirstAid and #EmmergenceHealth. Its through this arm that I intend to continue developing my career, since, it’s a diverse field that circumferences Reproductive Health, Climate change and accompanying environmental issues, Gender, Injuries and Disability! I still think that, this background, still virgin in developing countries could well, keep me on course to becoming the #NextWHODirectorGeneral and the African to head WHO! I understand, ofcourse that, this might sound well out of reach for pessimists, but I have calculated my move perfectly and Iam not about to bow down. Last year, I received one major turn off, with one ‘prestigeous’ youth institution (I wont mention the name here, but one day, they will answer me back) for refusing to interview me, yet I had been shortlisted! Worse still, this same organisation claims to be working for and by young people! I think some ‘young people’ are well placed in a wrong abyss and are succesfully spear heading the death and burial of our generation. One day, they will answer us, and me, personally Sourire Eish…lets leave the cats for the cat-care-taker! I have a job to do and I have 28 months on my contract! Tire la langue But wait, did you read my last blog? column of the new year! #BriansColumn: Is #roadsafety part of your new year’s resolution? http://is.gd/csovwi ?

This week has been about finalising the ‘mess’ that should have been done last year: So, its been more like regurgitating-grass, and my hovering eagle-eye continues to look at beyond les-ordinaires! I had a chance to meet with my hero! #DrRuhakanaRugunda at Ministry of Health Head Quarters, #DrAndoa, the Minister in charge of Health issues, her permanent secretary and a brainy team of professionals: We (task force team for the 1st ever Uganda National Ambulance Services) tabled a presentation to them on where we want to see prehospital care in Uganda. There’re 2 thingamagig that scare the hell outta me!

  1. The response time for road traffic crashes or when there is a health emmergency, is well above 15 minutes! This is partly because of a poor road transport network, and I don’t wanna talk about road design (oh damn, I have said it), but the pertinent issue in prehospital care is the ‘care’ that we give to the casualties before and while they’re being transported to health centres. The question of whether our health centres are equiped, can well be answered by googling what a prehospital care trauma centre is, and then taking an evening walk to one of the health centres. If only, we had real evacuation vehycles like ambulances and a prehospital activation mechanism: that’s what we presented.
  2. Major injuries, Iam talking about those affecting the spine, head and limbs are prevallent highly in young people aged 15-29, and 15-44 to be exact! What characterises these human beings? Isnt it, young people who just started to work? those bread winners like myself? the students? So, what is the economic, social, political burden-of-loss (I will suggest this terminology to WHO soon) is associated when such a person gets a permanent disability, or dies for that matter to a country, family and continent?. The sooner, we force the horse to drink its water, the sooner, the cat shall know that food doesn’t come on the bowl Tire la langue

On a personal level, Its coming to 2 years since I last did a formal course, having, well, you know, dropped out of the PhD class at University of Sydney thanks to a partial-scholarship-which-had-strings-attached! It became rather too expensive for a 25 year old…so, isnt this year my ideal year to press my re-start button? I’d love to be from Africa though Clignement d'œil

And I look outside my window seat and my colleagues are having lunch…man, I gotta #FocusOnMyDreams



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