February Update: Meetings, Meetings, Writings, Writings, Conferences, Conferences: Whats the impact on the ground?

Brian Bilal Kanaahe Mwebaze

It’s hard to believe but holy smokes! January is gone, never to be found again: c’est fini mal gres tous! I still wonder, zillion of times how time really flies Surpris A few days ago, I had just signed my first official contract with the biggest humanitarian organisation in Uganda, as their programme manager for first aid and road safety…now, I see that Iam nearly NINE months into the job! And what have I achieved? Hmmm….

Ofcourse, when I signed this contract, I wanted to do something for myself. I wanted to prove to myself that I can make a change in my country. Road Safety is a serious public health concern in Uganda with a ‘61 people are involved in a road traffic crash everyday’ stat rather jaw dropping. For a guy who nearly became an orphan at 10, thanks to road crashes, I don’t really regret for not taking the AU job. So, what have I achieved? The question still lingers in my mind everyday, and every time I go to sleep. Can one measure their level of achievement by indicators like number of national and international conferences attended? how about a hell of documents written and publications? how about advocacy meetings and books read? For me, its more about the impact on the ground. Rire

I remember that I participated in the First Aid Competition Europe 2013 (FACE2013) in Belgium & Austria, came to Nairobi for YOURS TOT for Road Safety facilitators. Needless to say, attending to a hell of meetings and conferences in Uganda. Thanks to YOURS, two articles have been written for your attention. If you haven’t read #BriansColumn and my contribution in the Guardian newspaper. See links below

At programming level, we’re still holding up to hear from our donors concerning the new road safety project, but one thing, I really know is, its not gonna be easy, implementing this road safety project. For some of us, whose appetite for results is sharp, we might need to buy some ‘patience’ pills to stay up to the game. But, Iam convinced that, we can make a difference, considering the stakeholders and the partnerships that have been built before. Besides, we’re the biggest humanitarian organisation in Uganda, and the programmer is the #NextWHODirectorGeneral. So what are you saying?

To me, the real question continues…whats the impact on the ground? I wont run out my contract before I answer it, and if I cant, someone needs to come in to answer it. I know, I (we) can Sourire





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