Week 4 #NextWHODirectorGeneralUpdates: “Oh, those are the converts! They believe in the west! They studied, lived there and acquired the bad habits”

Alright…It cant be so long before I write my weekly blog! Time never comes too much around, or does it? I call this the #lazyman’s excuse upon which, you are (ofcourse) entitled to your own independent but evidence based opinions Surpris 

Eish, so, lets see: Last week, I was full time at Makerere University School of Public Health-which one else did you think?Talking & Appreciating  the Impact Of #Violence #Disabilities #injuries In Uganda and LMICs On #VALENTINESDAY<<<Nothing was more sexier — à Makerere University School of Public Health. Clearly, with these tweets from my superstars in Injury prevention, only God knows where Iam heading to!

Screenshot (15h 00m 40s)

Week of 4 seems to have ‘caught fire’ thanks to #Museveni signing the #AntihomosexualityBill into a law! Oh yes, I’ve received congratulatory messages of both positivism and (largely) negativism from not only my collegues from the Diaspora but also ‘fellow learned people’. I was particularly surprised by how fast this bill came into a law (and I reserve my views here) but well, its already another law added onto the already full list of bloody laws whose implementation has, to be fair, better off than Dead! Following this, has, inadvantly been, the #AntipornographyBill which has received more attention amongst males than the supposedly direct beneficiaries-females! If anything, and even the devil knows it clearly, this bill is (was) supposed to give more protection to the females (who are already languishing in the socio-economic-political-health-education agenda of the country). Without sounding odd:-Where is the love? Where is the respect? On the streets of Kampala, photos of mobs undressing girls have already started streaming live on the internet and the mass media! One of my friends on facebook writes, swearing in the name of God that ‘Atleast, I will die a butt-shaft-virgin’. Another one writes..’We should be allowed to rape all girls with miniskirts’. Okkkkkkk!!!! Fine!


I might be 27 now, and I might surely be getting far too ‘old’..so, pardon me…and educate me on this:-

  1. Why should one put on short clothes as to show their apparent (public) ‘private parts’? Hmm…I was greatly shocked when once, I met a lady from one of the leading news paper in Uganda who wanted to interview me on something: When she sat in my office, she crosslegged her legs, and guess what? I asked her kindly to send another person to interview me. Was that an embarrassment to me or her or both? Most often, we blame this on the females and the females do the same to males. There’s this generation of ‘balancers’ amongst the males. When I was young, I used to see boys ‘balancing’ their shorts, and today, its gotten even worse…worser to say the least. Why should you dress up like that?
  2. ITS MY BODY- attitude: One of the apparent ‘young and modernised’ colleague whom we undertook an international course together at UPenn (USA) once told me that, “No one has a right to tell me whats wrong, whats right, what I can do, what I cant do especially with my body”. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement only on one condition:-which is: That, every (young) person has an ability to make rational decisions. Unfortunately, this isnt the case, as we (scientists) know very well that the frontal part of your brain which is responsible for making rational and quick decisions develops until you are 25yrs and continues to do so, till you face judgement day in hell/heaven. Needless to say, this is why we need laws. For example some states in USA have increased the age limit for drinking to 21 from 18: Guess what, they have decreased their Road Traffic Crashes from Drink Driving by 70% more than the “Safe Male Circumcision’ effectiveness levels.  I imagine, if one day, my future daughter/son yells at me “Its my body dad…go f*** yourself!” Its gotta be a day I don’t want to experience. I understand, that, as a human being, one ought to have the freeeeeeeeeeddddddoooooommmmmm to do what they want to do: but those whose background is in public health must have studied about something called the Haddon Matrix:-whose explanation on making the best decisions in life, focuses on the cause (agent), yourself (host) and your surroundings (in this case, people, culture, buildings,cats, dogs, etc). So the ethics of whats right and whats wrong, must consider a myriad of a 3-eye dimension. I find it disturbing if someone tells me, ‘its their body’ Surpris
  3. Most often, I use the word ‘respect’ not only to shutdown unpleasant discussions but to behave like a certified public health freak really: I once asked some one (names with held) why we pay attention to gayism, and we don’t pay attention to heterosexuals? Uganda, itself has registered a successful fight in going backwards as regards HIV prevallence and Incidence amongst heterosexuals. If we are to win the war in going forwards, we all know what we need to do:- ie use every approach that we land on, grab the bull by its horns and deliver. Do we solve this equation by criminalizing gay activities? You tell me. When I ask these questions, I remember why some human beings comment ‘Oh, those are the converts! They believe in the west! They studied, lived there and acquired the bad habits’. I know, that afew years from now, my future son/daughter will look at the way we’re doing somethings here, and be like..’Dad, were you guys ever carrying your brains along with you?”

Wait, am writing too much, my sincere aopologies:- I never meant to write all this! There is something called PRIORITY SETTING IN HEALTH & HEALTH CARE SETTINGS, and we all know that, that’s what our (every one) leaders need Lune. Lets focus on the current potholes in our current systems: Besides, wasn’t Jesus right any way, when he said ‘Mind the log in your eye instead of the speck in your neighbour?’ This dude gat a point lol!

Till next week Clignement d'œil #StaySafe #OneRepublic #StoryofMyLife


Note: Views stated inhere or on this blog, don’t relfect those of my current or future employes, but rather myself


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